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Guru Media International is a full service advertising agency and affiliate network.
Combining decades of experience online, Guru Media aims to go above and beyond the rest through dedication and perseverance.
Success is our only option and excellence through achievement our creed.

- 10 years in business

- Over $125,000,000 in payouts, since 2010.

- 1000+ offers

- Intelligent tracking

- Weekly payments

- Dedicated account manager through email/Skype

- Highest payouts

- Weekly Listings of New and Top Performing offers

- Now accepting new or super affiliates

GuruMedia enables you to convert 4% more compared to other networks by incorporating
weekly audits to add skipped pixels . GuruMedia is the ONLY network which proactively does
extensive weekly pixel audits for all affiliates on all offers,
and we credit YOU with any sales that weren't reported live due to pixel glitches.
We send you weekly emails with the credited sales along with their tracking details.

We believe that it's crucial and ethical for you to get 100% of the sales you make,
which usually results on average a 4% increase to your weekly bottom line. That's 4 dollars
on every 100 dollars running with us. Don't leave money on the table.

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We're introducing a new simple way to find the offers you're searching for but can't find on GuruMedia or other networks.

1) We will provide you with a link where you only need to fill out a simple form about the offer you would like to see on our network
2) Our offers team will be notified to start working on getting you the offers you need.
3) Once the offers are available and live with GuruMedia, your account manager will send you the link.

It's really as easy as that. We do all the work for you. So, go ahead and find those offers you're looking for right now.