Help me figure out what I should start with !


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I'm new here and in the Internet Marketing business, I've been reading posts on the forum ( also on warrior forum ) for 4 days .A lot of informations, most of it seemed pretty legit.I think I'm ready to start but I can't figure out what field should I get into, Afilliate marketing ? Copywriting ? ect ?
I may not have any skills on the IM market , but I do have some internet/computer skills, You might be able to tell me what would be the easier ( fastest ? ) way to start for me based on those skills : I used to code in different POO programming languages, I also created/managed a few websites, blogs and communities . But I've never touched the SEO part of those projects.I also have some skills in writing and I can write and speak fluently english, french , arabic, and a bit of spanish.I guess that's all :).
Any insight would be appreciated.
Thank you

P.S : I always like to work in pair , It motivates more. So if any other noob is in the same situation as me and would like to make contact to start something together, Do not hesitate.
Hi Buggz,

I would recommend you to join affiliate marketing in forex. You know,
forex is growing fast and you can make good money. Of course, you need some
time to get basic knowledge about trading so that you will know what to
advertize and you need to choose the right forex broker.
If we consider the structure of the forex brokers, it can be divided into
two unequal groups - those who provide micro-accounts (from $ 1), and those
who do not provide them. I recommend to rely only on the first group.
Because it is much easier to acquire the client to such dealing centers (1
$ is not $ 200), while revenues are practically equal.

Also there are different types of affiliate programs: some companies pay
bonus for the new client. It is onetime payment, while others make payments
from each deal of the acquired client. Those, who pay bonus usually have
additional requirements to the size of the deposit of acquired client. The
standard requirement to the client’s deposit is $1000. In this case you
will receive $50 bonus. But as I’ve stated earlier it is hard to find the
client who will deposit such amount. Besides, it is a onetime payment so
you won’t receive anything else.

There are some other companies, which offer commission fee from each deal
of the client. You will receive commissions during the entire time the
trader works. So you have an opportunity to build a stable profit. That is
why I recommend such kind of affiliate programs.

You can try the affiliate programs of, Profiforex or AvaFx.
Choose what is better for you.

I wish you success


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@jamesfx : Thanks for the answer. I never heard of forex before, looks pretty interesting I will look into it.
@cloudseoguy : will do :).
Usually the best place to get started is in affiliate marketing because most of the "big things" (landing pages, sales pages, banners, free products etc) are already provided for you - all you have to do is get the traffic. I would suggest starting off in a niche that interests you and go from there.


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I already tried that , couldn't find a whole niche to exploit but I found a keyword with 45000 searches and very low competition , and I happen to have some knowledge about that keyword. I already started building a website around it , but sadly it has to be free content , the keyword doesn't offer too much to sell , so I'm thinking pay per impressions ect...
My question is : How can I make the best of ONE keyword with that much searches , without having to sell anything ? is this possible based on only one keyword ?
Online forex trading is getting much attention these days , a lot of autotrading platforms have been released and each of them have an affiliate program , i recommend zulutrade as it seems to be more powerfull than others.
This MMD Community itself is THE BEST place to start. There's a "Make Money Online" Section if you browse through it there's a "Simple Money Making Methods" subforum which has tons of methods. There's also the "Best Money Making Methods Of The Month" Subforum which has the top voted methods for the month.

1) Read through couple of methods till you find one which interests you.
2) Pick up a method, read through it again till you absorb.
3) Take Action.

Do not get stuck and remember to ask questions. Once you start a method, do not quit till you finish implementing it. This is the way to go!


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it doesn't matter... stop analysing and start doing. Once you start doing you will understand how to make money and you can then move into other areas where you see opportunities but for now it doesn't matter just start doing something.


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Hey Buggz,

Congratz on the decision. I too am deciding what type of market I want to go into next. If you want to talk and exchange ideas shoot me an im on skype - christopnguyen
I'm in the same boat as you. I'm a beginner currently plotting out the most effective white hat strategy to make a full-time income asap. The problem of course isn't lack of information but getting lost in all the different methods -- there are just so many!. And lets face it, some methods are better than others. Some are more sustainable than others. Some are easier, some are more complex... and so on. Nobody want's to waste their time starting out on a poor method. Not to mention the technical barriers for new people. I think sometimes people really underestimate just how much you have to know to really succeed.

Anyway, good luck to you.


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First - start a brand for yourself...

You need: hosting, domain name, autoresponder, payment gateway.

Find a niche you like to do , if you like it then you won't lose site or get board
Break the niche down into a smaller more tight market for that niche
Find a problem in that niche
Research and try to find a solution to the problem
Package the solution let some people try it see if it really does work.
Then start selling the solution to the whole niche group.

If you follow the steps above you will not need anything else.

Hi Buggz again, If you never heard of forex before, I think i can introduce some basic knowledge about forex trading and about affiliate program with forex broker. Forex trading is typically done through a broker or market maker. As a forex trader you can choose a currency pair that you expect to change in value and place a trade accordingly. Forex trades can be placed through a broker or market maker. Orders can be placed with just a few clicks and the broker then passes the order along to a partner in the Interbank Market to fill your position. When you close your trade, the broker closes the position on the Interbank Market and credits your account with the loss or gain. This can all happen literally within a few seconds. About affiliate program in Forex broker. If you joined this affiliate program, you just simply need to place a special referral link (or banner) on any page of a forum, blog or website. If someone gets to our site from that link (in a month, a year or whenever), opens an account and starts trading, you'll receive the cost of one pip from each of his deals. You will receive commissions during the entire time the trader works with us. And it doesn't matter, whether his deals are profitable or not. If your referral makes a deal for one lot, you'll receive about $10. Usually one referral can make at least $200 commissions in one month, if you have 5, or more referrals, you can earn at least $1000 in one month. Moreover, you don’t need to do any more introductions or support to your referrals, usually forex broker will provide more professional services to them. It will save you more time to do other things. You can try the affiliate programs of, Profiforex or AvaFx. Choose what is better for you. I tried these affiliate programs, in my opinion; I prefer the affiliate in Profiforex.


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Hey OP

I know exactly where you are coming from. I don't have a clue about making money online well using websites/cpa/youtube that is
but I did make a fortune with egay last year and got shut down by gaypal because of it. Then I went into fiverr and made a $1000
which was time consuming.

Have a read of my thread here which might show you what I mean but don't jump on the what the first person tells. Forex is a good
market but after using Market Sammurai there is shitloads of competiotion.