Here's a Little Inspiration -Evanc123's 4k Week With Paid Ads :)


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I have been low key for a while cause ive been working my ass off, but i thought i would keep you guys posted on my current success. For the past 3 Months ive been doing about 4k a week in commissions give or take there were some shitty days , all of this was done through a variety of paid traffic sources that i will not disclose , and Many different offers such as bizop , Health , Insurance , And edu offers. Im scaling atm and and want to aim for 100k/month ..these camoaigns have been pretty consistent and long term so we'll see what happens :)

Imageshack - lastsevendays.png -here's a link to my stats if you cant see it



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Very nice!

I know you wont be telling ur traffic sources for obvious reason, but can u at least say if u work just with ppc networks such as adwords/adbrite etc or some other paid stuffs?