How can I sleep better?

Talk about the medicinal properties of marijuana is absurd, but sometimes a cancer patient with the fourth stage gives this drug along with morphine or alternates with it. Due to the fact that marijuana,
in general, harms society, this method is used only by some countries. Marijuana does not cure cancer
patients, it, along with morphine, only alleviates their condition.
I suggest 7 Strategies to Boost Your Productivity With Better Sleep
  1. Sleep and Productivity.
  2. Use a sleep cycle app.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Nap and plan those naps carefully.
  5. Invest in a new mattress.
  6. Work out.
  7. Consider the substances you consume.
  8. Talk to your doctor.
Above all the tips, I experienced very well. now I sleep well from last some days.
I can't agree with all the previous statements. I think, consulting your doc is the first step. Then, I wouldn't suggest you take naps during the day. It's better to have a good night sleep. I won't suggest you take pills, because you could become depending on them and they often have side effects (you can look up for them on Canada Drugs). So, you should eliminate coffee and decrease tea consumption, drink more water. Don't stress your nervous system before going to bad. Do some physical exercises during the day. Eat healthier food, etc.