How do you plan to attract people to our website?

You should create more good content and good article. You could leave your link on your blog, facebook, twitter, instagram other social media.


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There are numerous ways and of course the best way to get traffic to your website.
I would recommend you use these methods:-
(1) Adwords (paid campaign from Google)
(2) Blog posting
(3) Classifieds eg. Biggest Classifieds, Best Online Classifieds, Largest Classifieds, Free Classifieds Directory, Free Community Classifieds, etc.
(4) eMail listing
(5) Forum posting
(6) Newsgroup
(7) Social Networking
(8) Video sites
  1. Optimize your headline and content URL for the search engines. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find popular keywords. ...
  2. Make sure your site is Google friendly. ...
  3. Focus on optimized content instead of link-building for long-term SEO success.
  4. Make your site as fast as possible.