How much could YOU earn with this? No-investment Method#2


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Good Morning MMD, (well at least here in germany^^)

Just now I woke up and had an idea on how to get you guys to be a little active^^. So here it goes - when I think about spins on an old method or getting a new method to work I often look through gigs on fiverr and similiar platforms for inspirational material^^

When I recently did that I got an idea from a gig I saw. The "idea" was the question "are there any targeted traffic services with free trials that I can suck dry^^?" So I fired up my trusty ol' firefox hammered a few words into google and found a resource^^

Now what I will give you guys is that exact resource. This resource gives you 500 free Geo- and Niche-targeted visitors! Could you use it? Of course you can!

Now of course I instantly got some standard ideas, like, using it to push a youtube video, ppv image hosting, shove it on your adsense site, sell a fiverr gig, etc. but instead of giving you an untested method I want YOU the community to try this out with anything you think might work.

Post in this thread how you used this resource and how much it earned this way.

For those of you who think 500 targeted visitors are not enough - well you might want to think about redirection scripts, dummy blogs and free subdomains ;)

I think I am actually on to another source that is quite similiar to this one but gives 5000 visitors for free, however I will only share that one (if it turns out to be legit) if you gyus can actually show me you took action on the "smaller" package ;)

So here is the resource:
Free Traffic | Free Website Visitors | Free Targeted Traffic

Now get creative, do something cool with it and get some money in your paypal/bank-account^^




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Thank you for providing this information. I tried yesterday. I just sent traffic to my cpa offer(direct link). There were indeed some clicks, but no conversions. Do you have some good suggestions?


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You can try getting more from them but ultimately the visitors have to be interested in what you show them. I do have a nice idea for something that should work but that will be material for another guide^^ still here aa few tips to get you and others rolling:
1. The service is targeted to a very broad version of your niche! So if you have an offer for yoga courses the visitors will be from something like health and fitness niche! Do not think of this as a free supertargeted adwords campaign that gives you visits from people looking for exactly your stuff!

2. You could either promote something the whole niche will be interested in, or you can try to "presell" them with afree product that shows them the greatness of your offer before sending them over to it... some outrageous claims might catch their attention and keep them with you - even if you only use it to demonstrate the stupidity of such claims etc.

3. You siffon highly targeted traffic by setting up an emailsqueezepage. With time and work you will get one badass list that will be great to sell to ;) edit: in the meantime I got a guide on that here on mmd^^ =>

These are of course just some general guidelines you can follow, don't expect to just slap some traffic at an offerand get instant cash^^ visitors want to be spoiled:)

Feel free to keep asking questions :)
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Hi nastu thanks for another method. An I can confirm that your "other" traffic source that gives 5000 free will work. All that is required is to give them a pr1 back link or write a simple review.