how much does a personal injury lawyer takes from a client?


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Hey. My friend met with an accident last month. He has fractures on his right leg and two fingers of the right hand. Currently, I'm staying with him to help him out with the paperwork of his personal injury lawsuit. I'm running on a tight schedule, I thought it would work easier If we hire an attorney. Already we consulted a nearby personal injury lawyer. He has agreed to take over the case. We'll have another sitting for this case on coming Monday. Both of us have no prior experience in claiming any of the lawsuits. Even though our attorney seems genuine, I feel like I'm not on track yet! Maybe because of ignorance in this stuff. He has explained the procedures and formalities of the personal injury lawsuit. I'm satisfied with his way of work except for one thing, he seems to be unwilling to disclose his remuneration! Maybe it is because of his ethics or policy. But I badly want to know that in advance, as I need to arrange money! I'm totally ignorant about the fact that how much does a personal injury lawyer takes from a client? Yeah, it is on the web, but you know what? I never felt these online reviews and salary are accurate!!