How to Create A Website


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Hey all

I want to create a website and have an idea on the niche. However I don't want it to be a shitty wordpress theme.
Does anybody know where I can get some great tuts on where to start.
I have photoshop and dreamweaver CS5.

Any ideas would be great.


If you need to update your site regularly you need to go for a CMS like wordpress. If you search at Google you can find many nice themes about it. Otherwise you need to have some experience in html and css coding
Hi....I also want to create website for my business. And here I found good suggestions. Thanks guys.
Hi,These are the steps to be followed to build a website they are,

1. Get your Domain : check for the domain name you want for your website and its availability. Once your selected name is available, you need to register it for use.

2. Web hosting : If you want to display anything online, you have to buy web space on which you can store files and make it available online. Hosting nothing but buying web space to host your site online.

3. Web Design and Development : It is the final process.When you get thew domain and hosting from you will get free website builder where you can make your own choice from 70 templates they have...And hence you can build a it with one click...
If you know how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS 5 that is good and if you don't know how to use it, You can learn it from video tutorial or pdf tutorials.
Once you done with this you can learn how design website from W3Schools, Its a best website to learn...
The best way is to hire a team of developers. The thing is that they would be more effective and creative working in a team. Believe me I have already gone through that process
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