lima faab

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Jun 12, 2016
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In the morning

suncream (morning last step before makeup application)

Actually this step is not optional. If you are not following this type of facial routine truth, or , if you have good skin even 50 years. But I know how people in general about sun protection is. Really I try to understand people around me who need care the face as soon as possible, and that the sun is the worst that exists for skin (I take the sun because I do not like being tone -white ghost but just expose my face to the sun and always give me cream SPF 50). However, it is awful what these whitening sunscreen, right? Now, it is that they do Western. I know. I know you're wondering why they do creams SPF 50 (and more) and do not bleach and do here. Well I do not know, honestly. Because I think one of the reasons that people give no sun protection is 20 times tone your skin whiter than leaving.