I need help with regards to chatworkers.com


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If anybody here know about can I get in touch with anyone from chatworkers.com. I am not a wealthy man and have lots of people under me who sent them some sales and obviously made them some money. The thing is, they just gone without notice with the promise of paying me and some other affiliates. Please help me along with bunch of poor affiliates.

To our admin here: Please forgive me if what I have posted is not allowed in this forum. Just notify me. Thank you very much.


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That was my biller 1, they stuck me for $500k :( I paid out all my guys...hope you can do the same, if not just tell them what happened, it wasnt just you...it happened to nearly everyone


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I try to have a research for this site and it was result in google they owe me more than 100K I know who they are!