Idiots wrecked shitloads of coral reefs in the Philippines


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people do all kinds of things for money, and with a fine of $50-$500 its worth the risk to them.

the same thing is happening to the rain forests, like the Ocean, its untold what can happen when that goes too far.

Its all driven by the consumer, If no one would pay for it, there would be no profit and it would not happen.


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Its very understandable, they need to feed their famiies today not worry about the state of the world tomorrow.
We in the western world look down on these people. as if they where the people destroying the earth

Before we criticize others , we should look at ourselves.

America the richest country in the world, refuses to sign the kyoto agreement because it would interfere with US bisinesses and drive up costs.

Why do we put the obligation on poor countries to save the Earth, While it is the rich countries who are destroying it


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there are even something called carbon emission credit or something for corporate that contribute to carbon emission.
Something like token that must be paid to environmentalist to support "environment campaign to reduce their carbon footprint".
Those corporate pollute the environment and pay someone else to clean their shit and in the same time escape a hefty tax and gain good reps.
and yes it only exist in US