I'm stuck with this case!

Hey, I'm looking for an attorney for my brother's personal injury. He was in an accident a few months back in Ottawa. He had an evil back injury. His car was total damage! The claim representative offered an out of the court settlement. We accepted it as they were willing to give an optimal amount.
We spent $1100 on medical treatment. It took $1500 for the car repair. The claim representative offered $1300 for the pain and suffering. It was completely unfair, we tried to tolerate and failed. Now I'm planning to hire an attorney at the earliest. Tomorrow I'm going to meet a nearby personal injury lawyer.
In the beginning, I thought hiring an attorney will take more time to settle the claim. Also, I was concerned about the lawyer's fee.
Tomorrow I'm going to meet him, I'd like to have a few information regarding the same. What percentage will be the attorney's share? How long will it take by an attorney to settle down the case?