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Jan 13, 2013
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Network Description:

I am introducing our affiliate program in We pay per views of images, up to 3.50 USD per 1000 image views. Here is some info on the site

- Up to 3.50 USD per 1000 image views
- Minimum payout 5 USD
- Pays via Paypal and Payza
- Refferal system
- We accept Adult content (legal) and Family safe images
- No space limit, upload unlimited amount of images
- We pay for all traffic, all around the globe

Network Signup URL:


Minimum Payment:

$ 5

Commission Type:


Payout Frequency:


Payment Method:

Paypal, Payza

Referral Commission:

Yes = 10%


Question: What is the first commission you ever earned?

Answer: dont remember

Question: What are your most popular offers at the moment?

Answer: ImgDino earn money affiliate program

Question: What is the most you've seen a affiliate make in one day?

Answer: $50

Question: We love your Network did you come up with it?

Answer: We had a logo and adapted the name considering the logo

Question: We're dying to know...what do some of your Top Affiliates Make?

Answer: 1000 per month

Question: Are you running any special promotions at the moment?

Answer: yes

Question: What is the one thing you do better than anyone else?

Answer: we have the best support

Question: What do you recommend as a good starting budget for someone who's just starting out?

Answer: 10

Question: What would you say the future of CPA Marketing beholds?

Answer: totally

Question: What sets your network apart from others?

Answer: we have the best offers

Question: How did you first get started?

Answer: dedicated server and website written from scratch

Question: What is your favorite thing about the Affiliate Lifestyle?

Answer: the best is being independent

Question: What kind of support do you offer?

Answer: 24hs email

Question: What types of tools and guidance do you offer your affiliates?

Answer: we have chrome and mozilla extensions

Question: What is the spread of your offers? Are you more focused on leads, products etc?

Answer: focused on stability