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I have a good amount of inbound voice traffic. I already have good programs making money with this traffic but I'm just wondering if there is anyone out there that thinks they have a program that will sell to the masses. Open verticals right now include national discount cards/clubs, health, and travel. Looking for exclusives but I am open to other areas. Please don't waste your or my time....only honest programs will be considered.


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Perhaps you could consider setting up a landing page for specific CPA offers, mainly FREE trials offers? Direct your inbound traffic to this landing page? ....For example, there should be a fair amount of free trial offers for some new weight loss trial?

Perhaps even a landing page that offers car insurance quotes to vehicle owners? There should be a few good CPA offers for that also... just check on what CPA offers are available and then pick a few that you feel might do well with the kinda of demographic you have in ur inbound voice traffic.

Hope that helps :)

Oh...seeing as you deal with inbound voice traffic, check out my signature... let me know if u might be interested
yeah actually it is an is one in which a lead has come in through a company’s website, through marketing efforts (SEO, PR, social media, etc) or directly though the main phone line. At the point when the lead requests additional data about the product/services, a lead qualification...

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