Internet Cafe Advertising = $$$


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Ughh so how would this work exactly if the people at the internet cafe filled out the offers it would be the same computer over and over and the same ip addresses


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Wow, this has really got me thinking about putting online offers in places that people regularly visit.

I'm thinking of printing a load of fliers off for a CPA offer and just dumping them in areas around nightclubs... if nothing else it should pay for me to have a night out!

Seriously though, any suggestions?


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I remember when there was a version of Windows that had the "Windows active desktop" It came out around the time when me and my Dad first had 56k. These links would appear on your desktop and you could click them. But this was in a time when you had to think really hard on what you were clicking and worry if someone had to use the phone.
Actually, every windows version since 98 has the "active desktop" or web view mode desktop.
Including windows 7. Go figure, easy to use and set up. "Set as desktop item" for IE I think, right-clicking stuff.

I don't remember fully atm, but if anyone would like I can show them how it's done and set it up in a few seconds ;]


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I guess its a huge opportunity but needs more research for example targeting niche specific cafes, am sure there are cafes that attract certain age groups.

Something like fiver dot com may actually work very well here.

We just need to find out what kind of offers work best an idea am thinking about that will make IM products more appealing is figuring how to integrate the mobile phone payment system to website offers for cash economies like Philippines and much of Africa where credit cards are still for a select few.

Once people find it easy to pay online especially through mobile phones they tend to take the cafe adverts seriously otherwise 99% of them will be browsers.
For members living in the developed world why not offer offline advertising to friends here am sure they would be willing to pay for this.


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I have 40 units in my cafe and it is always teeming...with students. I find that advertising exposure can be given through.
Very interesting idea. Some people still promote websites using ads in papers and classified ads. Be interesting to test that out at some point with a unique domain to track visitors for that promotion.