Is Carbon copy Pro CRAP?


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is it just me, or is there anyone else thinking that carbon copy pro is crap?

let me be clear about this, i don't care about their reputation, i don't care if there's actually people making money with this and i don't care if they have a good training or not inside members area BUTTTT......

  • Application process to become a member $9.95 (actually once you are a member you will discover that u can really give an application for FREE if you wish to market that way) - mmm let's say some weird to apply and you may think is scam but ok after some reviews on google you may go with them.
  • Sales page and overview of the system - Well done.
  • Bib (or also called "business in a box") $395 - which again once you are a member you will see that you can offer discounts and you can even buy it for half of the price if you wish to market that way (but hey, we are here to make money right?).
  • Monthly membership $150 - yes this is what u have to pay if u wanna be an active member.
  • Training and support - amazing - i cannot complain BUT.....
What's the catch?? well, after you have enrolled with them u r assigned a business coach which in few words is the one who will help u make money, someone who is already lots of money blah blah blah. Just to discover that the first thing they will tell u is that u cannot expect to make money just by selling Bibs, INSTEAD, if you really wanna make 7 figures income , u must purchase one of their exclusive primary products which range from $2000 to $40 000 ( the highest u pay - the more income u will get ) and according to this then the business coach will develop a marketing strategy for you so u can start seeing results, if not, u can stick up just selling BIBS and just having enough to pay ur monthly membership.

So is it just me? or is it really CRAP??

P.S i am saying this because i am new on internet marketing and if wanna start to make money online is because I DONT HAVE MONEY, so how does this system can help if u have to spend something u don't have?

comments welcome