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Aug 2, 2015
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From now officially we have the opportunity to be customers of the new online platform global Intergold.

Global inter gold is an online store where customers can also buy physical gold bullion, has the opportunity to benefit from formalizing purchase orders for physical bullion through a special program of marketing incentives, which allows anyone to receive important benefits in gold with a minimum cost of capital.

The online store global Intergold is administered and operated by the British company the global gold, with legal registration in London, with representative office in Zurich (Switzerland), and is governed by the rules of the union-europe the company's mission It is to facilitate the purchase of gold and make the creation of personal wealth and family gold reserves are accessible to every person in the world.

This platform has the official provider of physical gold swiss trade and the global society in the near future will be a holding company with regional administration, taking into account the specific legal and social aspects of each country or region. Global Intergold is designed in such a way that it is easy for customers to place orders and normally do, that will simplify the process of its recommendations. The terms of use of the website and the terms and conditions of the program are the full agreement between the customer and the company.

The great news is that we will have new marketing tools, including a representative office in Zurich, where every customer can travel, learn about the company, collect gold bars, and where we also realize expected leadership meetings and special meetings.

The online store is a new product, the creation of new global gold, of which we have a chance to become customers, and has no relation with other companies.

To learn more please watch this video

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