[Journal] $0 to $1000 per day in 25 days

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There are 25 days left in this month not counting today.

It is my intention to build an income to $1000 per day in this time.

I know I can do this, and I will because I must.

I will use a combination of list building/email marketing, lead selling and service selling.

I will come back later to fill in more details, my present situation, assets, etc. I will then update work done and results daily if I can.

So let it begin.


Here is my edit to explain my plan and situation:

I'm in a foreign country, basically stuck here until I have a good chunk of cash.

I have a laptop, decent internet connection, hostgator account and a couple of domains. I don't have any cash for advertising, etc. I will use methods that require time and smarts.

Here is how I plan on achieving this goal:

1. I have a better sex oriented website with a few good articles (mine), accompanying twittter account with a large following and a youtube account with a few videos that are getting decent views.

I will add a lead capture funnel that will convert at least at 30% opt-in rate. The site is now getting 150 to 200 visitors per day. I can ramp that up to at least 1000 per day. I will then follow up via email, etc with offers related to the niche (mostly better sex stuff). At 30% opt-in conversion and figuring each lead netting $2 monthly, that would be 300 x $2 = $600 daily. Getting close to my goal. If the above holds true, I can also increase the opt-in rate, traffic amount and net value of subscribers.

I may be wildly optimistic with the above, but I won't know until I have results to track.

2. I'm offering services to offline companies. I'm doing this because I have to have cash at least every few days at the moment. To this end I'm creating a decent company website, Google Plus account, FB page etc. I will contact at least 1000 business owners per day via G+, Linkedin, email offering primarily video SEO.

3. Consistent with offering video SEO services, I will in these 25 days create no less than 250 YT hosted videos and accompanying landing pages to capture and sell leads to offline businesses on a pay per call and pay per email lead basis. That's 10 videos and landing pages per day.

I'm going to of course be very flexible in executing this plan, making adjustments according to the results/feedback I'm getting.

Day one starts today...
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Good luck bro and stay focused. Don't give up at the first sign of defeat. Keep on pushing and making changes along the way until you got that killer systems going for yourself. Great that you're setting goals.


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This looks like an amazing journal, its great that you have set your goals. I wish you the best!! Hope you make it.

Please keep this thread updated through your journey, I am sure it will really help a lot of members.

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Day one:

8 hours in the day to work assuming I work till midnight, leaving time to eat, exercise and talk with my darling lady.

Mission is the following:

Complete company website, G+ business account, Linkedin business page and optimized Linkedin profile. Contact no less than 1000 targeted prospects with an informative soft sell service offer.

Implement lead capture mechanism on sex site and the beginning follow up sequence and/or oto.

Create and upload 10 well seo'd videos and accompanying landing pages.

Let it begin...
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Day 5 out of 25

I made adjustments to the plan as I found it didn't work to spread out my efforts over more than one project at once. Plus I need daily at right now. So the last few days I've focused on contacting prospects for services. I have several business owners expressing interest but no invoices paid yet.

I still have the same goal, and I'm still working it.

Will update at the end of the day with positive news.

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So, 7 days left in the month counting today. I have only brought in $1000 so far, and that has been through work for clients. I haven't created a residual daily income yet. I was more or less forced to chase clients for cash.

7 days...I can still do it. I'm going to continue the race, we'll see how close I get.

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Thanks for the support so far friends. I haven't made my goal yet, but I'm not giving up. I'm just resetting.

I'm taking this week as my next chunk of time. Here is what I will accomplish by the end of this week at least:

Create traffic resulting in 150 or more opt-ins per day for an affiliate program I'm promoting.
Bring my sex site up to 150 or more opt-ins per day.

I will remain flexible and adjust my tactics as I receive feedback. I expect the above to result in no less than $300 per day averaged. Partway to my goal, and great for a week's work.

Watch me blast off...
All well and good setting goals but they need to be realistic.....

Small steps in an upward direction will keep you motivated

Good luck buddy


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