anyone heard the affiliate bombads?? i just got accepted with it... is thier any good method how to monetize with this affiliate??

please hit me apm if someone has an idea or tutorial for this...

please help me mmd peoples...


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I haven't heard of them until now. They must be a new network. Sorry I can't be of assistance. There are some mixed reviews about them though. Just google "bomb ads reviews".
This is the first time I have heard of them, so they must be new. Try going with a better known one such as click bank, adsense, chitika ect, on that your sure can work.


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Yes, we are new. However, the offers we have (offered privately to people who know what they are doing) are exclusive and unique. We are a private network, so you're lucky that you got accepted ^^


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i worked with him... he paid me but he had some sick and he was in hospital good guy ... But cant get online all time so problem is that.. but he paid..me after while... i will keep continue