Lost Soul Journal! Does this sound Familiar?


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While discussing some methods with Dr. P, he suggested I post a journal. Here is where I am, I sold on Amazon SellerCentral for about 3 years. Did about $100K/yr in revenue, until about a year and a half ago, when I got booted for having a less then 90% positive feedback. Last January I was doing about $2-3K per month with CS for 3 months, but I ran out of time to do it.

I have since been floundering trying different methods, but I either can't get anything to work or I don't have the time that it takes for some methods.

Also, I have a hard time focusing since this is something I do on the side and I have a full time job. Unlike most people I really do like my job, so I don't want to replace my job, but I have some debt and school loans to payoff, plus it would be nice to have some extra cash.

Debt is about $1100/month
I have purchased Market Samarai
I have purchased SeNuke
I have purchased BlackhatZen Forum Generator and WP Guardian
I have unlimited Hostgator hosting
$250 in Yahoo ads credit
I have a partner that I team up with on projects that is a php programmer.
Not much cash in the bank

So, this is a brief outline of where my journal is starting from.

I am looking for feedback on possible methods, feedback from my ideas, and feedback on my results.

Also, as a tradeoff, I am actually pretty good at coaching, so I will offer my ear and advice for anyone else who might need help. I am not looking to make money off of this, so as long as I have time, feel free to post here and I will try to help.

Anyway, I will update tomorrow with some specifics of how I am trying to move forward from here.


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Subscribed man, this will be a great journey. That must be rough dude for you to get booted, but why didn't you make a new account? Well if you have any questions you can get at me on aim, Ill try to help with whatever.


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Ok, sorry it was a long weekend, not alot of time to post.

I have a site that is receiving traffic from Twitter. It is sending about 200 uniques per day, but they are going to a dynamic page, so adsense is having a hard time serving up relevant content. So, out of 533 unique impressions, I have only gotten 1 click.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to improve my clicks?

I will update more tonight when I get home.


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Ok, it is time to run some test. On my site that gets traffic from Twitter, I have tried 2 different Adsense Layouts.

I tried to use the Adsense Master format of a white background and Blue Title with grey letters in 336x280, but I did not see any results from this.

I then tried to match the background to my page, but only 1 click from that.

Now, I am trying a bright yellow background with Black Title and grey text. We will see how this works.

Anyone know a twitter account creator that can create accounts that stick and don't get deleted right away?


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Ok, sorry I haven't posted in a while, my non-IM life has kept me pretty busy.

I wanted to report a test that I ran, that failed, but will hopefully help someone else.

I downloaded the report $2300 in 3 days using Twitter Traffic. If you don't have it, the basics of it in a nutshell is you find a Twitter email scraper and gather some emails of people that have a twitter account. You then put them in a csv file and import them into Twitter.

Unfortunately, Twitter no longer allows you to import your contacts. So what I did was import them into a new YMail account and then I used Twitter to connect to the YMail account and import the users.

Here is where things went wrong. Luckily I was testing using a dummy account that has been around a while. I first imported 100 email contacts into Twitter to test this method and it worked. I then uploaded 500 email contacts and this worked. I finally imported another 600 accounts so that I was following a little less then 1300 people.

I checked the account about 1 hour later and it was banned. I am not sure if it was because I broke the daily limit or exactly what happened, but I will probably run more test.