Magnus Capital Center : 100% automated trading with binary plan


Magnus Capital Center is a company that operates in the Forex market.
Forex allows you to exchange currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GPB/USD etc...
The traders who manage this club have been operating in the financial markets since 2009 and have extensive experience in the sector.

The Forex market represents 5.3 billion Dollars traded per DAY and is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Magnus Capital Center will allow you to grow your investment in a totally passive way, and to receive a weekly return without having any knowledge of Forex trading!

The company earns money on the sale of trading software, trading itself, and commissions paid on spreads by the broker.

The company's offices are located in Greece and can be visited.

The contacts :


Each license expires and must be renewed if you earn 400% of its value in any commission.


1. Affiliate Bonus
You receive 10% on all your direct godchildren

2. Team Bonus
You receive 10% on your weakest branch

3. Residual bonus
You receive 10% of all subscriptions paid in your weak branch

4. Renewal Bonus
You receive 10% of all renewed packs + 10% if they are in your weak branch

5. Career Bonus
You receive a bonus each time you reach a new position in the compensation plan

6. Pool bonus
You receive a share for each member registered in the club after you, even if they are not on your team. Depending on the number of shares you hold,
you receive a bonus each week based on the company's profits

Trading winnings are paid out every Friday
Sponsorship earnings are paid daily
You can deposit and withdraw via Payeer, advcash and Bitcoin

Registration : Magnus Capital registration