Make $150 / Day - Sharing Files - 8 Tips

I am in PPD some time and earn daily $20-$30 passive income. PPD isnt my main business so income isn't growing but these daily ammount is still very good. I thing PPD isn't easy for newbies because if you don't have a friend with good PPD skills...
PPD isn't only about that you read some easy ways how to earn money with PPD, it's more complex. You must know much more to earn money.

It's not problem to earn $50-100$ daily but you must work hard every day and after 1-2 months you will earn $50-$100 daily passive. But in my opinion these ammount of money is for 90% people impossible if you dont have friend with PPD skills.

In time when I joined MMD I was absolute noob. But had good luck and one of you teach me a lot. We are best friends now. Maybe it's time to pay back. OK I can teach one of you about PPD.

You need to success:
- website with english text
- some knowledges about SEO
- video creating + editing, youtube propagation
- social media skills
- internet skills

And the main thing to success is WORK HARD EVERY DAY. If you aren't able to do this - waste time for me... PM me
I can not log in

I can not log in to my account. Login and password confirmation and no entry. Or this site has stopped recruitment of members or it this your site.


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I like your idea with the ds games. You said to post that disclaimer that said to delete the file within a day or else it was illegal.

Does this apply to movies as well? Say I uploaded a movie torrent to sharecash and I posted the sharecash link on my website.. would it be legal as long as I posted the disclaimer? Or does the disclaimer only make things like your ds games legal?


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Hello , thanks for the share but the problem is that Cashshare ban your accout if u upload POrn so i think the first method is very good but too risky cause all your earning can be canceled by cashshare. Sorry for my english i hop eu can understand me .


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I don't understand why you fail to explain that this site "cashshare" is just a stupid scam that wants to pay you a percentage of the money it takes from a customer cause it makes any user to order something or do a survey. Not to mention their email is invalid and they say they have 24/7 support but I can't reach anyone for three days. Thank you for the methods but it seems you wish to promote clickshare more then anything else...
Talking about working with forums, did you mean porn forums ONLY, or you allow other niches, too? I don't mind uploading videos to something like parisporn cam , but I would like to avoid forbidden and illegal content.