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Here we are at the end of month 3. I know, it is a little bit stupid of us that we started on 26th, but that makes us different than the others but, i think, we are anyway different given the services and what we achieved till now. It has been a great month with good bets on tennis (US Open and BCR Open), Formula1, Football, etc.
I want to thank you all for being with us and supporting what we do and hope we can grow even more to a powerful and reliable service.
In this month we outdone ourselves. We broke the record that we had in the first month and maybe we shut the mouths of those that thought we aren't able to keep up the results. As you know, odds are verified before posting and you know when i see that something is not right and not all of you managed to catch a bet i will not count it in the statistics just to be fair to all our users.
We are an open service and it showed. We update the statistics almost everyday. We post the results everyday. We answer very fast to the e-mails and we acknowledge when we make mistakes. We are still human anyway.
Enough with the talk. Here are some results.

Statistics by sport

September statistics

So this month no sport is with a loss.Of course some of the sports have just 2 to 5 bets but still. The yield is staggering: 28.21%. Just as an example if you have your 10 UNITS bet at 100 EURO(1 UNIT = 10 EURO) you would have won in this month no more than 4020 EURO. But i know there are people that have even larger banks. In the following rows are some statistics from the begining of the website. We are after three months at 21.56% YIELD. I think this is one of the best on the market.

Now decisions that i have took. Not many of you know that i have a job (IT Administrator) but form 1st of October i quit my job to dedicate myself only to betting. I make more this way and more time means better analysis and maybe with your help i will go not just to BCR Open but to other tournaments around the world.

About payments

I am not asking for more this month. The subscription fee stays at 50 EURO per month. Yes, i know i am cheap, but I put myself in your place. We have to build some history with the website before raising the fee. The only thing that i chang is that it doesn't exist anymore the 6 months option. None of you took it, so i will not put it anymore.

In the end i just want to thank all of you again for trusting us. And hope we can keep up the good work in the following months!

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Haven't written here for two weeks now. So many things to say. It has been a crappy month, both personal and with the bets. Some personal problems clouded my judgment so for the last month we are with a negative yield: -10%. That means a free month to all of our subscribers.

All in all, for 4 months we are still well on profit and now with this new month we will bounce back to winning ways. We have made some changes in the approach and everything should be back to normal now. We will be more interested in hit rate for the moment and we will not allow some bad runs to make their way.

Here are the statistics from the start of the website:

412 Bets
221 WON / 13 VOID / 178 LOST
Staked: 5069.5
Returned: 5769.92
Profit: 700.42
Yield: 13.81%
Download Statistics Spreadsheet
Download Statistics per Sport

There are written now on the website some articles that would help your bets online, mainly if you are an amateur punter. Also there are some important stuff about money management including the one we are using.

Check the articles:

1. Online Betting
2. Value Betting Vs Hit Rate
3. Staking systems

Also check the free article from today including the view on tennis matches and tournaments that are now under way:

View on today's tennis games

The new month will start from tomorrow. Today there will be no picks. So if you would like to catch the train book a place now.
There are limited places as i saw that my bets drop the odds on some of the games well over the accepted limit.

So including the subscribers that are now there will be only 10 places left for the new ones.

Go to and check the payment methods on the right. Only 50 Euro per month with options for 2 and 3 months.

Don't forget that as all the subscribers told me, this is one service with the fastest answers around the web. Write an e-mail and i will respond you in maximum 10 minutes.

Also there is an option to write comments at the articles after you are given a user. There will also be chat rooms once per week, mainly before the weekend. Many of the subscribers are now like a family. We exchange some insight and also insider news from our own championships.


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Re: Information about Blogs

We have been back with a new interface and concept since august. What has changed?

Payment Picks – Acces is limited to 20 members. The picks will be from Football, Tennis, Formula 1, Moto GP. Why so few members? Because you know how good news influence the limits and the odds at bookies. The package will cost the same 50 Euro/Month and as said before it will contain:
  • Picks from Football (We are not including here big championships like Italy, Spain, Germany, France. Those championships are very hard to predict and don't bring the best profit in long term)
  • Picks from Tennis
  • Picks from Formula 1 every two weekends*
  • Picks from Moto GP every two weekends*
*this means that picks from these sports will come every weekend because one will be with Moto GP and one with Formula 1
What money management system you use?
I will use a simple example of a 10000 Euro bank. You can extrapolate the amounts that will mirror your bank.

For a 10000 Euro bank we recommend the 10U bet will be 5% of the bank. That is 500 EURO. BUT, we rarely, let's say 1 out of 100 bets will have this 10U out of 10 stake. You will see that the stake will mainly be around the 3-4 Units margin. That is around 150-200 Euro per bet with rarely going around 5-6 units (250-300 Euro).
For the ones that like more risk you can set up the unit at 100 EURO, but for me which I am more cautious 50 Euro per unit it's just fine. Just to show up, for july we had 106.06 Units of profit, that gives me 5330 EURO profit.
Of course you can increase the unit on the go. For formula 1 bets and other bets where the limits are low at bookmakers we will always use 1 or 2 units per bet because this will give us a better statistic of what happens in the real life.
The money manangement system is selected to reflect the real life situation. So even if we have 8/10 confidence on a pick, if the limits at the bookmakers are just 300 EUR per bet we will give the stake as 3/10.
How and when will the picks be sent?
We don't have unfortunatley a dedicated hour to send our picks. They will come via e-mail anytime of the day, mainly from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM Central European Time. The predictions will have:

  • Date/Hour
  • League/Game
  • Odds/Bookmaker + Alternative Bookmakers/Stake
  • If the bookmakers impose a certain low limit, the limit is written down in the pick
  • Fair line/odds
  • Analysis
What bookmakers do you use?
We mainly use asian bookmakers such as: 12bet/IBC, 188bet, SBOBET, Pinnacle
Also we use alternatives: BaH, Bet365, Betclic, Betcris, Bwin, Expekt, Gamebookers, Ladbrokes, Nordicbet, SBObet, Unibet, WillHill. Only if the limits are good we use them as main bookmakers for the picks.

How many selections per month?
There are around 150 Selections per month.

You give refund for a losing month?
We will give the next month for free. Usually a bad month will happen one or twice per year but in the long run expect a yield of over 10%.

Subscription to the payment picks is done by selecting a method from the ones on the website and sending an e-mail to [email protected] for confirmation. If you don't find a method anywhere on the website it is a probability that all available places are taken.

We are finally and maybe sadly for others in the 1st day of Autumn. But the last month given us some good profit also. Not as much as July but defenetley good profit. For a 50 Eur/Unit stake as I use, I have made 2600 EURO profit. Almost 5 times the average salary found in Easter European countries. Here are the statistics:
August 2011
85 WON / 6 VOID / 67 LOSTStaked 514.5 / Returned 566.52
Yield 10.11% / ROI 110.11%Total P/L +52.02Spreadsheet There is a little bad run at Formula 1 and also for Romanian League picks but I hope it will change in the following month.

What is to be expected in September?
The most important event is BRD Nastase-Tiriac Trophy held in Bucharest which we will attend. And we've got a surprise for you. All will be told in due time because we don't want to spoil the fun or others steal our ideea. The important thing about the surprise is that we would get more important info from our sources on court than in the last year and we will post it live.
The 10% yield will be again the target. And we will also want to improve the spreadsheet a bit and we will introduce the bookmakers for bigger transparency.
We also updated the payment picks article to include all the recent changes. Please go HERE to read it.

You can subscribe anytime. There are 13 places available.
With Wimbledon just around the corner, we are looking for affiliate with lists of sports betting players, poker players etc to promote our tennis betting picks product. 50% commission and EPC £17. If you have a small or large list, lets get together and do some business.