Make Money OFFLINE


Jul 3, 2012
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Several days ago, a friend approached me about his new little business. He sells things that the country doesn't have for sale (i.e. cannot be found at any shop/mall/market/etc). I asked how but he won't tell me.

I did some snooping around and found that people are buying through people's online account for online shopping. And the online buyer will get a small % of commission for buying it for them.

And then hit me like a bus hitting the house. The simplest method to make money OFFLINE!

What you need:
- A car or van (for big things)
- An online buyer account at various online marketplaces/suppliers/shopping sites/etc
- A credit/debit card for buying stuff
- A bit of cash in hand (for fuel and stuff).

The Setup
1. Prepare a little brochure of the best things you find online that you know that can ship to your country in a some amount of time.

2. Know how long it will take to arrive. For my country, it takes a month - 2 months for the products I bought to arrive.

3. Know your taxes. In my country, there's no tax for clothes shipping in. But there's tax for electronics and a big tax for communication devices. These are important to factor into your sale per product.

4. Declare some good meeting points with your customers. Like the mall or outside an eatery area. Wherever there is public or crowded areas, that's a good place to meet. Reason: so it won't look like your doing any shady deals behind an alley.

The Customers

There are many ways to find customers. Here's what I found out how my friend did his.

1. Your phone is your friend. It already has a list of contacts (similar to IM, we need email list). Use it. Contact your friends/families/colleagues and ask them if they are interested in buying something that they want that's not available in their country.

2. Go on to your online marketplace or classifieds. Lots of locals look at these either for fun or actually want to buy something. Post an ad, and let them contact you.

3. Facebook page and Twitter. In my country, there are more local people on Fb and Twitter than there are on LinkedIn, G+, Pinterest, etc. All he does is advertise that he sold these products to a customer recently and sometimes he has some extra left in stock for sale (at the same price still).

The Sale

After all that you're gonna need to do some accounting. Here's what I figure his formula for selling PC gaming accessories.

Product Price + Tax + $10 (fuel charge - it's cheap here) + 30% (his profit margin) = Product Resale Price

You can use the same formula and tweak it or make your own formula of how much should you sell your products.

And when you make a sale, you can either do the following:
1. Ask your customer to make a full deposit or;
2. Ask your customer to make a half deposit or;
3. Ask your customer to pay Cash On Delivery.

This method works for everyone. An old tiring but true method that I should have shared earlier. You can give it a shot.