Make Money Online Hype: My Journey to $10,000/month by December 2013


New Member
Hi MMD Members,

I am relatively new to MMD but have been making money online via clickbank, fiverr and trading penny stocks.
I am a freelance professional Surveyor and work from home for various Consultancy firms all over Australia.
After working through some make money online programs, I want to try a couple more that should push my overall monthly income to at least $10,000 a month by December 2013. My ultimate goal is to make 100% of my income from IM and day trading. I know it seems ambitious but hey, I gotta have a goal :)

For now, I will start off by documenting "Project Athena". This project involves building a list and then monetizing the list.
As of today my list stands at 3,629. List is for Make Money Online niche.

I will update this post as often as I can.

Let the journey begin :driver::driver: