Make Money OVER $9000 From Existing Businesses (Semi-Noob Method)


Jul 3, 2012
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This may not work for everyone (hence, its called and named "Semi-Noob Method") but you can still give it a shot.

Do you want the short-version or the long-version? Want the short-version? Here it is. Be Somebody's Sales Person.

Too short? Want more details? Here's the long-version. It's only 5 long steps.

I tried this method out and it worked but you gotta prepare yourself to do a lot of footwork to get this up and running to get it a recurring income.

First step: Find a potential good local business that nobody knows about.

In my experience of doing Internet Marketing, everyone keeps telling me, you gotta find the best product. So what if you go upline instead? Go for the business. Not just any business. A good one. One that doesn't break promises, or have a bad rep or sells bad products. A criteria for a good business is that it sells things that people wish they wanted/needed. Also it has to be local so that they know where to find it themselves. Lastly, the business has little to no Internet presence. That's the jiggy of things.

Second step: Befriend the shopkeeper

Establishing a relationship with the shopkeeper. Why? Because you're interested. In MAKING MONEY WITH HIM/HER/THEM! Basically, you gotta raise yourself from being their regular customer to a friend. Get to know them. Ask them how's business. Any difficulties of running the business? If the answer to that question was, "Oh. You know. Same old same old. Keeping up with the bills. Still trying to get customers in." or something about money problems, that's when you move to the next step.

Third step: Enter The Sales Industry

Reminder: I did mention that this is tough right? Yeah it is. Because in this step, you come into contract with the shopkeeper to help bring in sales to his business. In return, you get commission. No Salary. But HOW!? Remember, the business must have little to no Internet presence. This is your gold pitch. More on that later. Just get them to agree to pay you in commission for every sale you make your way.

Fourth step: Make Web

This is what you do. You buy a domain name that matches the business you got into contract with. Make an e-commerce website. Too hard and not a programmer? Go Drag-and-Drop with Wix or Weebly. It doesn't have to be fancy or anything. Once your website is up, or at least put up a landing page that a website is coming or something under construction, collect those emails. Use ALL of your MAD IM SKILLZZ. Facebook, G+, Twitter, Forum posting, blog commenting, etc. BUILD THAT EMAIL LIST! Put up buffer, schedule your post to go automatic with random facts and tips and stuff about the business and its product's benefits. Why do that? Because you need pictures. Really good ones. Grab your camera, go to the business, take pictures of the place and the products. If there's hundreds of products (like a mini-mart), take tens for now. The idea is to launch the website as soon as possible and MARKET LIKE EFFING CRAZY!!! Put up your Paypal account and then LAUNCH!!!

Last step: Get BANK!

After launching your website, send an email campaign, get people to be aware and know that a website is up and running with products/services for sale and then get them to buy it from you. If visitors aren't converting still, arrange a coupon deal with the shopkeeper. For every coupon used to buy the products/services, take it out on your commission. Of course, make it a limited time offer for the coupons to expire. But what about customers who walks-in to the shop? AHA! That's where the coupon comes in. If the customer walks in with the printed coupon and purchased a product, the shopkeeper knows that you made a sale. Still, you're sacrificing a bit of your commission for this but at least, you... made... BANK!

A good business to make lots of good commission from is usually from these types of businesses but not limited to:
Computer Shops
Attorney's or Law Firms
Private Consultants

A Case Scenario:
So an example of helping a furniture shop selling their wooden furnitures. Take an example that one wooden designed decorative sofa would cost about $250. You take 25% Commission for every sale of any item to any customer in the world. You post that item on ebay, your e-commerce website, your Facebook Page, your Googe+ Page, etc. Once you got an order, you get your commission and tell the shopkeeper to deliver the product and you give him/her/them their money. Did they use a 10% discount coupon on you? No problem. You still earned 15% commission for every web sales you make. So in numbers:

1 wooden sofa = $250 * 25% = $62.50

If they used a coupon and knowing that purchasing more items with 10% is a good bargain so you might get:

1 wooden sofa = $250 * 15% = $62.50
4 wooden rocking chairs = ($99*4)*15% = $59.40
1 wooden table = $120 * 15% = $18

Your total sale on commission = $139.90

Imagine maintaining 1 sale each day every day, you might get $979.30.

That's close to 1K A WEEK!!!

So what are you waiting for? Go out there! Spend time with your local non-Internet existent businesses and help them market their products!!!
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Nov 2, 2010
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The old one, but still might work well if you do it right :)