[Method] Beginners : Quick $36-$106 of Cryptocurrency By Watching Videos On Coinbase


Jan 6, 2012
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Just came across this great resource for those who might be starting out, needing a quick boost or maybe those who are bored and want a quick $36 - $106 of crypto. Coinbase now has a new part of their website where you earn cryptocurrency by watching short (Usually 2min) videos and answering 1 question about each video.

For each video you watch, you usually get about $2 worth of whatever cryptocurrency the video is about.

"But I don't want to answer questions about videos!"

No problem! I will post all the answers to the questions below. Each question unlocks after the video has played for about 13 seconds.

"But I don't have a Coinbase account!"

First:Click Here to sign up to Coinbase by my referral link (If you don't have an account) (or non-referral link here)

Important! For each set of videos, please click the link I post below to get to each set. This will give me moneys too. Only the first two (EOS and XLM) are my referral links. The others are normal links so please at least use my links for EOS and XLM. Thank you.

Next:Click Here to go to the EOS videos (or non-referral link here)

EOS Answers

EOS Video 1 ($2)
Answer: Simple, Fast platform

EOS Video 2 ($2)
Answer: Delegated POS.

EOS Video 3 ($2)
Answer: Fast, Free.

EOS Video 4 ($2)
Answer: Stake EOS.

EOS Video 5 ($2)
Answer: Upgradeable Smart Contracts.

Next: Click Here to go to the Stellar Lumens (XLM) videos.(or non-referral link here)

Stellar Lumens (XLM) Answers

XLM Video 1 ($2)
Answer: A decentralised protocol that unites the world’s financial infrastructure.

XLM Video 2($2)
Answer: Facilitating low-cost universal payments.

XLM Video 3 ($2)
Answer: Transactions are fast, inexpensive, and global

XLM Video 4 ($2)
Answer: To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently.

XLM Video 5($2)
Answer: It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions.

Next: Click Here to go to the DAI videos. (This is not a referral link)

DAI Answers

DAI Video 1 ($2)
Answer: A decentralized stablecoin that aims to be worth one US dollar.

DAI Video 2 ($2)
Answer: Decentralized and borderless.

DAI Video 3 ($2)
Answer: Open a CDP with Maker.

Next: Click here to go to Basic Attention Token (BAT) videos. (This is not a referral link)

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Answers

BAT Video 1 ($1)
Answer: There are too many ads and data trackers.

BAT Video 2 ($1)
Answer: It is a free, open-source web browser built for privacy.

BAT Video 3 ($1)
Answer: Users get paid BAT for viewing opt-in ads, and publishers get rewarded when users pay attention to their content.

Visit special link via Brave Browser ($7)

I hope this helped you. Thanks for following along.
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Apr 17, 2019
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