*method* Gaining opt-in business leads


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Jun 30, 2009
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Ok well, here's a method I've had in mind for a long long time, and no I've never put it to the test, but for anyone wanting to, please be my guest, that's the reason I'm posting it.

We're gonna be using traffic exchanges, I know, your probably thinking shit, the last thing I wanna do use is a frikin' traffic exchange, but here me out.

People that are actually using traffic exchanges are looking for one thing, they're looking for more traffic to their business. Most of these people don't know the first thing about seo or how to gain traffic, so they're using these traffic exchanges which are pretty much dead end traffic cycles anyway.

To get what you can out of these traffic exchanges, target what these people are looking for, which is more traffic. So opt these people into a list so they can get their hands on a free e-book offering them ways on how to gain more traffic, and this should get you a list of people you can market to.