- Higher Epc's - Net15/BI-Weekly (Content/Link/Flash/Audio Lock ) and 5% Reff

MGCASH.COM Affiliate Network -Make Money With Content Lockers

Mgcash Media Affiliate Network - Your Best Content Locking Solutions

File Locker Wizard - easy to use content Lock tool to make money with your content! You cannot find this technology anywhere else!

Content Locker -easy to use webbased tool to make money with your web content! You will start making money immediately as your website visitors complete the offers. + SMS Option You will receive a commission for every SMS sent to us by your site visitors. We get a commission from our provider and pay you 70% of our earnings.

File/Link Locker - Our file gateway allows you to monetize download links (or other links), and password-protected files or content.

Virtual Carrency Widget - gives publishers a complete set of alternative payment solutions for the monetization of social media applications, online and freemium games, MMOs and other players within the online marketplace.

Mgcash In Game/App/Software Overlay API - Use the Mgcash In Game/App/Software Overlay API to make money from advertising with every software,gameplay or service, no matter where it goes on the web.

We PAY Net-15 We offer 5 payment methods: Payoneer, Paypal, Webmoney, Wire Transfers (International only) and Direct Deposit (US only).Minimum Payment: $100 minimum for US, $100 for INTL.
Exclusive Offers (More then 2500)
High approval rate
Exclusive Affiliate Marketing Tips.
Skinable widgets and Cross browser compatibility.
Optimized For Mobile and Web, Smart, & Powerful Content Lockers
Customer service through AIM, email, and skype during normal business hours plus more.
5% Referral - We offer lifetime 5% referral commissions.

Join today and get in on this amazing opportunity. Thank you!

- Link Locker : Now you can lock short text ( passwords etc)

- File Locker Wizard : Here you have the same skins like in Link locker!

Mgcash Team!
Mgcash Stats Monitor App has launched!
The Mgcash Media iOS Mgcash Stats Monitor App has launched! Enjoy your MG Stats and Earnings on your iOS mobile device!


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New tool from Mgcash Team - URL Shrinker!

Hi guys,

Mgcash Team want to introduce you our new tool - URL Shrinker!

The N#1 Link Shortening Tool for Affiliates & Marketers. Monetize every single link you share. You can now monetize traffic coming from your website, blogs, social profiles, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, printed flyer, emails, sms and more.

We will turn your links into earning ones by adding an ad layer. Unlike other link shortners - at Mgcash we do not pay our users a fixed CPM, rather - we provide our users with 90% Revenue Share split on their own traffic performance!

Share your links anywhere and get paid for every lead generated from your traffic.

More info: add me on skype or check our home page for all new updates.

If you have any more questions, feel free to add me on skype or send me an email.
Skype: nem.mgcash


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Hello guys there is one popular niche that is Pokemon GO.
And we at MGCash Media got Pre Hosted Landing for that game and we added offers for almost every country for that niche.
This is our Pre Hosted Landing that you can find on our site next to many more that we have.​

Also all offers that we added for Pokemon GO are high paying offers and convert very well for this niche!
If you have any questions you can ask me what ever you want.​

My skype is: nem.mgcash
My AIM is: nem.mgcash
Or you can simply send me message here or answer on the thread!


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Hello guys, there are some new changes in CPA World and I bet you all see them.

Here at Mgcash we are keeping up with the time and we made some huge updates so it will help you with earnings. As far as you know everybody who is pushing France traffic there have been problems because of the advertisers, but we have found some new offers that will convert good and even better than last offers. And not just FR we have added a lot more other offers with amazing CR and EPC as you can see bellow:

We have also updated our Pre Hosting Landing Pages and added new ones PLUS you can create your own generator for every niche you want. Within few minutes you can have unique generator that will have amazing CR and EPC.

Here you can preview Edited Generator that you can use for your niches:

On this Landing Page you can change whatever you want as you can see here:

Plus we can get you any offer you need with better payouts than other networks!

So if you need any help with anything let me know and I will help you out.

My skype is: nem.mgcash


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Hello guys, as far as you know offers for France have been disabled on most of the networks, but we at Mgcash have managed to get some of those offers back. So as you can see we have France offers for you to run them on with us:

And we will add much more of France offers, plus we already have high converting offers for other GEO’s. So if you need any offer, let me know and we will add it right away for you.

Also for all affiliates who earn good, we can always give better and faster payouts, so don’t hesitate to ask me about that.

For all other info that you need you can send it to me here or on the skype or email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash


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Hello guys, I just wanted to let you know that soon we will have new tool in Mgcash that will allow you to earn a lot more with our new tool that for now not a single CPA network have. This tool will work with any GEO and will have a lot of success because in our testing we have seen amazing CR and that is what we are hoping to see with you!

New tool will be released in next few days so keep an eye on it, for more info I will update you all when the time is right.

For now as you can see we added some new offers to our network and old offers for any GEO convert very good as you can see on the pictures bellow:

If you guys need any new offers or some specific vertical let me know and I will make sure that we can get it for you with highest payout that I can get it for you.

For any other info or help if you need with approving let me know.

I am available here or on the skype and email.

My skype is: nem.mgcash


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Hello there guys, we have made some special edits just for your needs. As you all know, it is very popular again to use Movie or Tv Show niches and because of that we have added another High Converting Landing Page with us for Movies that you can EDIT in FULL for anything that you need or want. From Movie title, description, how long it last and many other options that we offer. Here is just a simple preview of it but remember that in this landing page it is also included sound and video for better conversion.

How Landing page looks like:

Also next to this awesome Movie Landing Page we have added a lot of Link and Content lockers templates that you can use for any niche you need.

Here are some previews to check out:

Next to these new things we added, we have also added High Converting Movie offers that can accept high quality traffic with awesome CR combined with or without our Landing Page.

This offer is for every country so you can target world wide and except to get leads.

One more important thing for this offer is that payout is 18$ and you can promote it everywhere. If you have questions about promotion or anything you can always contact me and I will help you out.

Here is the preview of that offer:

For anything else, feel free to send me a message about anything and I will do my best to help you out.

My skype is: nem.mgcash

My email is: [email protected]


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish you to have a great start to Christmas week and all the very best for the festive season!
Let good luck and flair lead you to new, great achievements!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sincerely yours,

Mgcash Team



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Bitcoin Reminder

Hello guys, I just wanted to remind you and to show you awesome news that we have at Mgcash Media.

If you all remember we are the first to get Bitcoin as payment system for our offers. If you use our locker you will be able to put Bitcoin payment on them, so users that come on your website will not forced to fill out the offer but they can just pay it via Bitcoins fast and easy. The good thing about that is that you can put how much you want for your transaction to be. And system will detect the current price of the bitcoin and charge users how much you put on your locker.

Here is the quick preview of how it looks like:

Also we have added some of the new landing pages and templates for the link lockers that you can use it also. 

Here is the quick preview of new Link Locker:

Next to the things we added to our inventory we are also adding daily new offers for all GEO’s and verticals.

Here just some of the offers we added and some of the best performing offers that we have:

If you have any questions or want to promote any of our offers, feel free to contact me here or on skype and the email. 


My skype is: nem.mgcash

My email is: [email protected]