MMD Is Not A H.A.C.K.I.N.G Or Fraudulent Forum


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Its come to my attention as of late there are issues with what people correlate BlackHat Internet Marketing and BlackHat H4cking and fraudulent behavior.

Because of the nature that we have been able to moderate MMD consistently we have been able to either Ban or keep any of this stuff off of MMD. MMD does not condone nor do we accept any discussion about fraud , using stolen credit cards, h.a.c.k.i.n.g, b.o.t nets or even scamming members here and anything else considered fraudulent behavior. MMD is a place to share ideas and different legal methods to promote anything online in order to make money.

Because of the amount of new posts and so many new members we ask you to please help us moderate by simply reporting anything thats not in our TOS or rules. Anyone caught discussing and posting about anything above will be banned immediately.

Please help us keep MMD clean. We cant moderate every single post. Its impossible.

Remember BlackHat seo and Blackhat Marketing is not illegal.


MMD Staff


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Thank you for all the members that have been consistently reporting inappropriate and posts that go against our TOS.

We appreciate your efforts in helping us make the community clean and fraudulent free forum!

We continue to encourage each of you to report things that are against the rule -- only then we'll be able to ensure MMD remain clean and fun to every one!



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I want to thank Dr. P and all the mods that work hard to keep the forums clean and safe for marketers to discuss and learn new techniques. You can count on me to be watchful and do my part too. Thanks guys.

God of Hell Fire

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Hey our members are doing a great job in letting us know, when something doesn't look right. Kudos
And just a note any SPAM, report that as well.
The more we grow the more we will see.


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From this point onwards, i'll self appoint myself as MMD's Underground police! BEWARE Guys!

Cheers and let's keep the forum clean. ;)


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lets make MMD a condusive place to be with. if anyone want to do some or else, please do it privately in other medium than MMD. do it at your own risk.