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Hi I am wondering can some help me I am thinking of opening a website for mobile friendly websites what price should I charge I was thing of say £500 then I will include an android app that is costume made to go to their website with a costume icon that will be uploaded the android market. I was thinking of charging them with a monthly free of £500 that would include any changes made to the mobile website and I would also host it on my web host for them and it would be in the cloud. What do you think am I charging to much or to little?
Ps I will be using my mobile business in a box to create the mobile website what do think about pricing?
It all depends on who you're targeting. If you're aiming for doctors/lawyers/companies then the above pricing may be reasonable, but for a small business those prices are too steep.

A good model is to charge a setup fee of lets say $250, and then $30 - $50 a month for maintenance... You need to think of your business model. With this type of business you make more through recurring services, so you need to keep your prices acceptable and to the point where it doesn't seem like a "huge risk".
Also if you're planning to provide an Android app, then you should include an Iphone app as well (it will be your #1 question... "Can you make an iphone app as well").
For doing this I would use Titanium: Use Appcelerator Titanium to build mobile apps for iPhone & Android and desktop apps for Windows, Mac OS X & Linux from Web technologies

Again, you need your pricing to reflect the level of service your providing. If the app is just a basic web app, then there is no need to charge a lot. If it's a custom app with an inbuilt ordering system, then yes charge more.
In other words, drop your price... You will sell to a lot more customers ;)
the price is too high..
the mobile business in a box theme is really a simple one
if your client gets too creative you cant do much either unless you are a developer/coder yourself to edit and make things to suit the need.

you are better off starting low and the first few clients recommending you to others. its easier to market or raise the price on something once you have some clients
for a nobody to start out with your price range is really high and besides this relies mostly on heavy offline marketing so if you cant do it yourself you will need a partner to do that as well.
its hard to get people to get people to get them to give your money just like that , you need to convince them that they absolutely need it and be prepared to hear a few no's early on but dont let that get to you.

you have to keep trying and i am sure you will find someone who would give you a shot. your best bet is friends/family who are already doin some sort of small/medium type businesses that you can approach with a level of comfort.

Good luck.