Monopoly MMD's NEW Elite!


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A lot of changes to the line up of late and one of these is Monopoly will be stepping up as an Elite at MMD. This does not come as a shock to many as he is always helping and giving advise and is also an earner himself. Monopoly has grown a lot with MMD. He started out brand new here at MMD and is a true MMD success story.

So take this time to welcome aboard Monopoly and congratulate him in his new position.

Welcome Aboard Monopoly you earned it Bro!



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Cheers Smeltzer and everyone on MMD for that matter.

MMD, and the community on it, helped turn my life around over the past year. I'm more than happy to give back and help people who were in my position.


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Hey Monopoly Congrats on the new promotion!

Looking good in the new coat if I may, but I still have boardwalk and park place ;)


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congratulations monopoly.i really find your posts helpful and although i am not so much active here i really think that you are the right man for the job.


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Wow! Congrats monopoly. And thanks for bringing so much on MMD. This is the community which encourage users to share by giving credit to them. Love it Smeltzer


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Grats, man! Your journal was great, and I could tell you liked helping others - a great quality to have! Enjoy your success and promotion as well!