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Make Money Online
I heard about IM like 5-6 months back. I bought couples of programs and membership sites. Until one day I found out that I need to take action in order to success. The first thing I approach is Clickbank. I've done research on CB and ways to find a profitable product to promote. After 2 days of researching, I proceed to purchase a hosting plan + domain and start off with my landing page.

Started with PPC, Adwords somehow banned me for promoting stuffs which is bad to google of which I've not. I am a newb in this field and how can I promote these stuff? Anyway, forget about it.. I am forced to stick with Yahoo to promote with PPC. Burn a hole in my wallet yet the landing page doesn't really convert well. Making negative income.
*Learn about the do and don't in PPC.*

Been thinking of cheaper ways to drive traffic to my landing page. After research, notice that google loves blog. Then I created a blog for my landing page purpose. Tried ways to generate traffic. But the traffic is coming in slowly.

Did research again, some "Guru" says that Article Marketing brings you floods of traffics. So I begin Article submission and neglected on the blog to drive traffic to my landing page.

English is not my first language, then I have problem submitting articles to articles directory as they always flag my post as lots of grammatical errors. No choice but to outsource article writing to someone else.
*Learn about ways to outsource to cheap writer but getting good quality articles*

On 1 particular day, 1 plr attracted me. I did researched on the market and found there is a demand for that market using Google Keyword Tool. Bought the PLR package and add-on additional bonuses since I have tons of PLR covered with e-dust in my 1TB hard disk. So i begin with setting up the webpage, configure paypal, setup exit popup and auto-responder. Things went well and finally I made my first sale.

The same issue driving loads of traffic to my website, I made sales when there are traffic. When the traffic stop. My income stop.
*still figuring out how to consistent flow of traffic*

Figuring out ways to master traffic generation.

I wanted to try e-whoring, I guess I have to stay focus on the current ones until they really doesn't work out.


1. Earning 50k++ / month passive income.
2. Owning a membership site.
3. Owning real estate worth of 1mil.
4. Presenting my own seminar.

1. Earning 5k/month by end of 2010.
2. Drive my dream BMW M5.
3. Buying my own house.
4. Getting married by 27.
5. Quit my 9-5 job by end of 2010.

1. $100/month by March
2. $150/month by April
3. Seek out JV partner to promote my product.

1. CB - Landing page
2. CPA - Blog
3. PLR - Website

1. Able to generate 5k++ Unique visitor per day to my websites.

1. Able to generate 1k unique visitors to my websites.

1. Generate 20 Unique visitor/day by March.
2. 50 Unique visitor/day by April.

1. Article writing.
2. Backlinks.
3. Content writing.
4. Classified Website.
5. Social Bookmarks.

P.S: Feel free to PM me if you have idea on helping me to reach my goals.
P.S.S: If you feel that I could help you out, drop me a PM too.
P.S.S.S: Please bear with my English. :)


Make Money Online
i bet i'll show ya one day. :)
probably i'll need to revise a lil on the traffic generation. The goal seem too low for me... heh.. :)