My Offline Affiliate Marketing Method

If you live in a bit city you can pay people to hand out fliers in the city centre in a high traffic area. Its a pretty decent way to make some cash.


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If you live in a bit city you can pay people to hand out fliers in the city centre in a high traffic area. Its a pretty decent way to make some cash.
I agree, but the one thing you have to watch out for is that the people you hire actually hands out fliers, and not throw it out(it happened to me before).


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Kick..., good method as it is simple. For those wondering about the 'stats', just get out there and you do it. You can print and deliver and that way you don't have to pay anyone except YOU. Everything is just time then.
Windshield wiper... untapped for sure but kinda too much untargetted I think, that's probably why you got for the pay per signup instead of pay per sale, am I right? ;)
Basically, Affiliate Marketing is one type of performance based marketing. I must say that it's very helpful for advertising our product and increase some sales. It is truly helpful for to establish our business. So, it's also very effective offline method of Marketing.


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Ah Kickapoo always giving out too much information you are. Lol.
Since you are telling them this. I'll give the secret on how to do this for less $.
You do want the .com or. Org domain name of course.
Now instead of car windshields, make less flyers and post them at local spots, bus stop, bus seats, light rail stations and inside the trains, the mall on entrance doors, library, city hall, bars in the bathroom, gyms, movie theaters. Not like a windshield flyer born to the wind or trash. Flyer with tape going no where on accident lol. Of course it's not put out to 5k people instantly but rather waiting for the eyes.
You got to think, most cars in parking lots have owners of the cars currently on a mission, errands, so ur flyer is just an annoying bug on the wind shield. Get the flyers posted where they are bored.
Im telling you places where people are at bored, waiting for the bus or for a turd to drop.
Hell I'd even spray paint stencil some stick billboards and put them on high traffic on and off ramps in the grass on the side of the road.
If you set up your domain with private registration and cloak your aff info, no one will say anything about litter, and if you think they might say something while your posting the flyers then say you didn't know, someone paid you to pass them out and u will stop, but just hit the next spot.
For the people saying not for me... U are ignorant. If you are already running a online campaign how hard is it to make some flyers and put them up when ur not at home on ur computer eatting jelly donuts and playing hello kitty island adventure.
Just my 2 cents and if u want me to put up my offline method I use with level up ads , that makes too many conversions, super audience targeted and super ninja niched out.

PS: The " this is very good method " short posts you noobs do to make your post count higher, just stop. It's wasting web space , pm me ill point u in the right direction.
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In offline marketing there are many things which would help you a lot, these things are visiting cards, distribution of fliers, news paper ads, sticking posters/paper (advertisement) on some public places, its life is good, it would stay longer.. and it would help a lot, there is no doubt to it..