My Second Journals [Major]


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Hi there,
So i decided to write my major journal, i will putting here my earning from each day ( every day :) )
My goals is 50$ per day, to this day my biggest earning in one day was 22,40 $ with 1,49 $ EPC, i was sooo happy this day but it wasn't reapeat ;( if you have some tips for me i will be glad, btw i have full of head but when i take action everyone want from me to do something and i think its slow my plan to earning LOL becouse i m getting nervous. I want make screen shot on end of day.

Day 1 -

Ps. Sory for my English ;)

Regards from poland.


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good luck on whatever your campaign is, you did not mentioned anything about what your doing, but anyway good luck bro! :)


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Earning from yesterday was smaller, and i thinking about some other method to pump traffic for this offer, becouse like i said earlier i was make 50$ per day, and want establish this earnings - >


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My method is twisting ewhore, but i looking something more becouse my earning is not stable ... that is my earning from yesterday :

Btw if someone have some tips i will be very glad


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I was curious why i dont have lead in my USA offer, and now i just saw i have bad link in my geo redirect to landing pages ...

FU$k !!!
mistakes are very expensive