My Wife gave birth to our Daughter


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I havent been around the past few days because my wife gave birth to a very healthy little girl on Wednesday. Because my wife will need a lot of help over the next week or so getting everything organized and her on a schedule, I wont be around as much for this next week.

Please note that if you have applied to and are waiting on being approved I will start going through skype here and there daily approving all of you who are waiting so patiently.




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Congrats big guy!!

may your wife recover fast and your daughter grow up healthy.

take your time and enjoy them both. i'm sure your moderators can handle the forum without for a bit.

Congrats again.


ps. i have 3 daughters so your in for a wake up call! :D


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Congrats DOC!! I am sure your daughter is never going to face financial hinderances, thanx to a genius father!!1 god bless you and your wife.


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Babies r the most beautiful gifts from God. May your small one grow strong & happy under your care & love.


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My wife and I cannot have children. You are blessed.
Enjoy them now while they are young and don't sweat the small stuff!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs Doc. and welcome to the world "little one".