My Wife gave birth to our Daughter


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My little girl has just turned one. It really is a fantastic time you have ahead of you. The feeling you have is something that I likened to walking so tall, you can see over double decker buses! Enjoy the time.



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Congratulations Doc, Good luck to you as a man, knowing men well, When/if I have a daughter I will be investing in many many guns for when she turns into a teenager. ;) Seriously though, good for you I am happy for you.


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My wife and I cannot have children. You are blessed.
Enjoy them now while they are young and don't sweat the small stuff!
Congrats Mr. & Mrs Doc. and welcome to the world "little one".
God will bless you with a nice baby soon Catz. You need to pray. And yes, I'll pray for you indeed.


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Alright, way to go man! and the wife have just changed the family dynamic so let the fun begin! A lot of us will be on late at night, so if you need a baby break inbetween feedings, ring me up, lol. Hell, I did some of my best hustlin' with the kid in my arms at 3 am :D