My Wife gave birth to our Daughter


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Super super super LIKE. Congrats. Stay with them. We'll try and keep MMD in one piece till you return. :p
All the best wishes for you.
Hey, Doc! You must be having your hands full! :) Congratulations to you and your family. As a proud parent, I can vouch for the fact that all the tribulations are worth going through in return of having a bundle of joy in your life.

Lemme share one very nice quote on the occasion:-

" There is Only One Beautiful Child in this World.........and Every Parent Has It!!!"

Happy Parenting!
For parents, the first two or three years of the child's life are always the most enjoyable. Best wishes to you, your wife and the new baby. When can we see the new baby photo? P.S. If you have other children, involving them in the baby's care is one way to manage their changed expectations.
Congrats man! You are a family man now! This is the beauty of IM and entrepreneurship, you have freedom and instead of a stupid 9-5 job you will actually get to take care of child and see them grow properly and not dump them off in some daycare and not be there for them. Good luck!


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Congrats Ben!
Enjoy her childhood fully because you can enjoy it only once ;-)

PS: But now, you will have a lot of fun at night. =)