need help with douchebag buyer


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Aug 1, 2011
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Okay so I sell my logo design service on ebay and this douchebag orders 5 logo concepts from me. Before I even started the work just from the email he sent me and the way he came off I already knew he was going to be a pain in the ass.

He told me to ask questions if needed so I did. I mentioned if he wanted me to deliver 1 logo concept then we could work on perfecting his logo and use the other concepts if need or if he wanted all 5 logo concepts delivered 1 time and choose it that way.

and also asked other questions about the logo design. He replied back in furious manner saying how hes going to give me a negative for not complying saying something like you provide a service of 5 logo concepts deliver them OR ELSE

So I immediately wanted to drop this client since I had 100% positive feedback and I could already tell that this douchbag was on her period. I sent the cancel request and offered him a refund. He denied it and demanded his logos.

At this point I have no choice but to deliver since ebay always favors the buyer (I wish there was a way to refuse service to someone)

So since i'm allowed 4 - 8 business days to deliver I made this ass face wait the full 8 days, On the 7th business day he gave me a negative and put

"10 Days. Still Nothing From This Seller. Takes Your Money & Runs!!!!!!!!!!!!"

so I delivered his logos. Since these are 5 concepts I watermarked the logos (which I always do because they are the property of me) until he chooses the final logo at which point I will deliver the final logo that he chooses out of the 5 concepts.

he then replied with

By delivering the logos with watermarks attached and not in a usable format (individual files) you've not met the terms of the auction. PayPal claim next as your logos are worthless. Not to mention have zero creativity showing you are really a hack as I expected."

so now basically he is trying to file a dispute with paypal. In my case paypal always favored the buyer. Is there anyway to protect myself from this douche? Any help please.