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Nov 20, 2010
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here is something for my wife account was freeze in 2014 and till today they still haven't gave any reason why they held the money over 2 years to them it was money laundry but i know i was doing bitcoin trading here the support answer after 2 years
Ticket No. 157576. annik biss
Dear Annik Biss, Thank you for contacting the ePayments support team. At the moment we actually do not have any relevant information to be communicated to you. However, we are at the final stage of the decision-making process, since our legal department has been preparing the statement on this issue as well as the directions for e-Wallets involved into the flow of payments. We do understand your wish to resolve the issue at the earliest possible time, and we are also aimed at this. We are intended to provide you with the final notice within 1 month.

look how much money they holding on over $6000 USD now mw and my wife hiring lawyer to get throw them plus 2 years of no payment made.2 years they are holding money does anyone has any views how do we get our money back from these scammers