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Jay Wessman

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Hey everyone,

I'm Jay - a 23 year old self proclaimed "lazy stoner" from Australia that has been making a living online for a few years now. I dabble in a lot of different things but one of my biggest specialties is creating profitable niche websites and driving traffic to them through search engine optimization and social networks.

If you're new to making money online then you may be wondering where to start... there's a tonne of information out there and sometimes it can be really hard with so many guides, ebooks and good posts out there to decide on a direction to take. That's why I'm creating this thread to let everyone know about my blog, it's packed full of information about making money online covering many of the techniques that I use to make big bucks online.

So how is my blog different from every other "make money online" blog out there?

Well... I try to avoid the hype, BS and filler content that you'll find on other similar blogs and just focus on real information about what actually works for me, with full examples of how it can be done, all laid out in an easy to understand manner. I'm by no means a "guru", programmer or genius (though I'd love to think that I was). I'm just determined as hell and have found (through trial and error) what works for me and what doesn't.

If you're ready to dive in, here's a video about how I make money through setting up small, easy to build niche websites promoting bongs:

If you're interested in the short eBook mentioned in the video you can find it

Also here's another quick video that I created after getting quite a few questions about how I was making money from Facebook, it shows you how you can start to build up your own network of viral pages that you can use to promote affiliate offers and your own sites:

If anyone has any questions at all post away, I'll be more than happy to help out with anything that I can :)

Peace guys and prosper HARD!

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hi Jay, i was wondering if you could also pm me your email or yahoo messenger. I have been really looking for a way to earn some money online to help me out with some of my needs. I hope you can help me out. thanks


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nice site , nicely and smoothly build , didnt have the time to check the methods

bookmarked your site , will check the methods later . tfs
pm your skype, ym or any chatting.. i relate to what you say about many ebook, guide etc. and i dont know how or where to start.. pm me pls!