New Zealand.

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I truly hope all my fellow MMD Members that reside in the affected area of New Zealand, are doing fine. Godspeed to you all and hopefully you suffered zero or very minimal damage as a result of the quake.

Hopefully, all is well.


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NZ consists of two major islands, north I and south I

I am in the north, 1500k or more away from where it struck so am fine but feel hugely for everyone affected as you can imaging. Thanks for making the thread man. Its nice to see


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North island kid here.
I was watching the news and was amazed noone was actually killed by it.
Also heard there was a shit load of aftershocks.

Damaged buildings means a day off work for some haha

anyway hope everyones fine :)


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yeah. Reports are always a little larger than life. While the water has not been officially declared as contaminated (YET) they are telling ppl to treat it as such

the aftershocks were 5.4 and 4.1

This thing is on the same scale as what Haiti got but we are in better shape to deal with it and a lot of buildings unaffected because of building codes etc that haiti never had. The quake breached the earths crust in a number of places. the fact that it happened at 4.50 am in the morning saved a lot of people. I cant imagine what the fatality rate would have been if it had happened a few more hours later than what it did, like at 8.00am or something


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The news down here reported last night about gastro infections mate, what worries me the most about this, is how are you going to locate the areas in the pipelines that could be causing water contamination.

Its now flooding down here in AUS so its not getting massive airplay anymore.. But seems like you guys got lucky as you said.


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hey more kiwi bro's nice to see you all and glad im in the safe city of hamilton no trouble of earth quakes up here ae AWIC :) . My thoughts however are with you who are down there, i think SF lives there? (please correct me if im wrong)


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Looks like there is quite a few of Kiwi's here, that is awesome. My daughter, SIL and granddaughter live in the North Island as well. I went for a month for the birth of my granddaughter and feel in love with NZ.

I am getting ready to head back for a few more months.