Not so secret method to doubling your clients sales

Matthew Roe

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Feb 8, 2012
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Stroud Oklahoma
The method I'm about to talk about is something that can be used for just about anything. I personally haven't tested it out for anything other than restaurants though, so... If you do try it out - please feel free to share any stats that you can! (Reason being because that's who my target market is - it's restaurants)

Now, on to the method...

What I do is strike up deals with local organizations to help advertise the business at hand. It's better to go for non profit organizations such as churches, a local Y.M.C.A or other youth club, schools, boy/girl scouts, etc...

Whenever I go to these people, I offer them a deal where they get 10% of sales donated to there organization and usually, each deal is different depending on the business/groups involved.

Some basic ideas that I've tried in the past are:

1. Special cards:

For this, I will take a business card or a card of some type from the group and have the group hand them out to there people. What happens here is whenever the organizations followers come in and make there purchase, they give you the card and it's then stapled to the business' copy of the receipt - for restaurants, it's usually the ticket with the final price on it.

Afterwards, within the next few days - they'll all be tallied up and the organization will get 10% of the sales made with those cards.

2. Time

This one is using the scarcity tactic to help control when the business is actually busy. Another common trick I use here is by donating 10% of the sales between a certain time frame such as 4pm to 8pm.

Then 10% of all sales made through this time is donated to the organization.

3. By the day

This is pretty self explanatory. 10% of the sales generated on a certain day will be donated to the organization at hand. This is usually one I tend to discourage from being used though.

At any point, both the store I manage and my friends store have tried out this method and we've seen ours sales double because of it.

This isn't new, it's not part of the "easy button" - but it does work if done right and can greatly increase your influence with your clients just because of the amount of sales it can have bring in. Note: This usually works better in bigger towns!