Offline Ads to CPA Offers - Anyone?


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nah. I tried doing that on fiverr. Out of 10 campaign of distributing flyers, I only got 2 email submits...
So on fiverr, What did you do? Did you have someone pass them out in another city? Im confused. I dont want to ask for a method out of line or anything, but how did you outsource with this using fiverr?


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I know that there are a ton of people doing this. Go to any mall or college campus and you will see it.
The only thing: You have to be sure that you have all of this worked out with your affiliate manager so they know that you are getting info offline and filling it in later YOURSELF. Otherwise you will accidentally flag your account.
If you are thinking of doing this, work it all out in advance and you'll be fine...


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does anyone have the web template from the e book "easybankmethod" that was shared above? gonna try this out....or anyone with a simple word press or regular for simple credit report that directs directly to cpa offer...thanks!


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Offline bandit signs are every were promoting real estate BS in my town so I would assume they would be useful for cpa.
pay per call is the best option people rather call a number than visit a sit from offline ads directly to cpa offers your going to get a 1-2% turnaround tops
I did this last year with not much success.
I printed out 10,000 flyers and had a few friends deliver them to various neighbourhoods. The flyers were all promoting sites I owned which had reviews and CPA products (teeth whitening, weight loss etc)
I made 3 sales. All 3 sales came from the deprived areas - council estates.
I played around with changing the flyers, with promoting just one offer, promoting multiple offers but I didnt have much success.