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can anyone explain how i can use this method for the project i am starting soon,
First off i will make flyers that say FREE PARTY with my site on the back, and distrubute them acroos the schools in toronto. i would then get a ton of traffic from high school kids who want to go to this "free party". and as soon as they enter the site it will ask for their email so that way i will have a huge email marketing base where i can send a message and it will get across to 1000s and 1000s of people. Then through the automated email service i tell the people go to the free party section on the website and write their name's so we can register them for our guest list. I am going to pretend like this free party is gonna be huge! People will get excited but the only reason im doing this is to get a ton of traffic

Basically i am making a website based on my city's nightlife, telling people whats hot on the weekends house parties clubs etc, i will be reviewing clubs on my page and giving away weekly tickets to various venues. After a good steady traffic source i am going to call up the clubs that i put weekly into my site and i will be like, "look we have this site and we feature you weekly on it. We have X number of traffic per month and this is a great way to advertise! If you want to stay on our site and continue us posting your events you have to pay a monthly fee of $80. This is targeted traffic so you will have a lot of people know when your events are going to take place". Ill do that with about 8-10 clubs in the Toronto district, and will try to get them to pay the monthly fee to advertise on our site!
Kids do not use email. My high school daughter will tell you. The younger one has about 9,000 texts monthly. I would pas on email.
wow this is very nice. all you would need to do is find a nice high paying commission rate for a cpa or some other offer... very cool... how did you handle your employees phone bill?


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Hey Doc, so you are hired as a contractor at a company. And now you hire your own people to like help you out. Every lead you get you get paid a certain amount (probably more than $15) and then send $15 to your workers.
I didn't really understand this method. But is that what you did?

The part I don't get is you owning a company also.
Ok so its been awhile since I have set down and wrote up a thread. So I thought I would take the time to give a little offline promotion technique I use.

I own 2 offline Companies

As we all know now with the economy the way it, its tough owning your own company and actually reaping a reward. Economical times like these are nothing more than a 20 year cycle. This is just a little worse than the last.

The problem in today's society is fear. The only way to beat fear in a financial struggle is by being innovated and getting people to do things for you for free. Owning a business and marketing a business are 2 separate things. Without the proper marketing your business will fail or simply never begin to build a customer basis. Since advertising is so expensive these days and the profit to loss ratio in advertising is such a thin line I came up with this plan.

I needed to gain more business. And this is how I did it ..................

I made a post on CL the subject line was:

Make Calls from your Location

Make calls from the comfort of your own location.

All leads will get $15.00 just get 3 leads an hour for $45 a hour

Easily make $1000 a week

Get off the couch and call now!

Please call *********

Work for a real local owned company.

  • Location: ******* and Surrounding areas
  • Compensation: $15.00 a lead.
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • This is a part-time job.
  • OK to highlight this job opening for persons with disabilities
  • OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls about this job are ok.
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
With making telemarketing being so hard to pin point on CL it took me awhile to get the thread to stick. This ad worked and boy did it ever.

After posting the ad I received anywhere from 30-40 calls a day. I received so many calls daily I couldn't take every call.

From this point I pre-qualified them over the phone. Really I didn't care to be honest as long as there English was decent and there voice sounded nice. I explained to them that all they needed to do was read off a script that I had wrote or memorize it would be better. For each person I would give them a letter in the Phone Book. I explained that after they had gotten done with that entire letter they would have made a fortune and could just move on to a new letter. And for every estimate they got for us they would receive $15 dollars. I told them I had a few girls already doing this for me and they were getting around 7-10 estimates a day. I then explained its just a numbers game that for every No they get there will be a Yes right around the corner.

Then I would say so if this is something you feel you might be able to do from the comfort of your own phone say so now. Of course everyone said yes! So I would say great give me your email address and I will send you over the text to be read to your new leads and new found success with our company. Great to have you on board. Once you get the email and have read it over please call me back so we could go more into details and I will let you test it on me first to see how it sounds.

This is what I would send them:

Please see instructions for your new position:

This is all you have to say when you call:

Hi Mr/Mrs. _________ my name is __________ I am with ________ and I am calling you because we will have someone in your area tomorrow and would like to setup a time that would be good for you, so that we can stop by and give you a estimate on _________ What would be a good time for us to come by and take a look at your ___________.

Once the Customer say yes.

Please take down there Name. Phone number and address. Also since you will be setting the appointments make sure you give at least 1 hour between time frames so that we have enough time to get to each estimate.

Please do not schedule any appointments until 9am
Every appointment made please call me on my cell phone so I can make sure this time will be okay and so that I can also give the times for each day already set. If someone cant do the estimate the next day ask them what day and time will be good for them.

If they ask you questions about all the different types of things our company does please just say we ________________________________________________ .

If they ask for the office number please give them


Disclaimer: All leads will be verified. When I say verified I mean I will know if these are genuine leads or not. If you are caught trying to steal from our company and send us on bogus leads. You will no longer work for _______. and forfeit your position.

1 lead equals $15.00 dollars.
A lead is a set appointment with a serious consumer looking to hire us for ________
All payments are made every Friday evenning.
Its always best to call around 6-8pm. All of the hours daily are fine but these are the best 2 hours.

In my niche for my offline company I am a contractor. Meaning we do a service for someone. It could be residential or Commercial.

This worked like you have no idea. We were getting more and more leads than we could handle. The more the work force the better. They could do white pages or yellow pages.

Since this time I have twisted this about 3 more times into different niches for the use of online Marketing by telemarketing. Im sure if you sit around long enough you too can think up some serious advantages for this. The best thing about this would be for someone starting a new business. Just tell them you hold the first weeks pay and pay every 2 weeks. This way you could easily make enough money by then from all the leads they got you to pay them. It's fool proof and there is so much more you can do with it.

Good Luck .

I wrote this fast. So pardon any missing parts. Just ask questions if your interested.

this is a great method...i have been using it to set up appointmets since a year and it still works quite wel........the conversion rate is around 75% for my niche ....


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After they call them and write down the address and everything, do they send you all of the information? And then you got visit the people that they called in person?
How much profit do you earn per lead, how much do the leads pay out?


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I love this idea many large firms hire people on a commission only basis and burn through sales reps like crazy in the first 90 days. You just have to realize it is what it is and those who want to succeed will and those who are afraid of everything wont. I have worked with similar businesses as a sales rep and you have some good months and some bad and yes Ive worked for companies that went under and couldn't get my last paycheck it happens in any type of job these days, If your a good sales rep and hungry going to these appointments your success rate should be much higher you just have to be a bull dog and make sure they write it down on their schedule business owners are busy and most are very unorganized. Their no different than you or I who have a family and a business to run just remember that.
Im thinking of all kinds of ways to improve this system already but sometime the hardest part is just getting the initial idea wehich you now have given me Dr P,


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I am going to try and do the same. Although my product price is around $60, I think I can pay $10 a lead.

Fantastic Tip! Love the concept.


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I am going to try and do the same. Although my product price is around $60, I think I can pay $10 a lead.

Fantastic Tip! Love the concept.

If your product sells for $60, $10 a lead is probably way too much. You need to look at the cost of the product and your conversion rates, and your backend offer if any.
Thank you Doc for sharing such a nice telemarketing method.
One question: as you're paying $15 for each lead, i'm so interested to know what kind of product you're selling.
Hey Doc

I am doing the same thing with solar panel company leads, free quotes and installations £20 per lead, they are free or paid solar panel systems employ people on a commission only basis and you make money through them as long as they keep making sales, give that a try also I think you would be great at it :)
I tried something similar, I tried to hire 3 people from an outsourcing website and asked them to call local businesses and ask if they wanted to get their website to 1st page of google.
And told them, they get paid 20% of any lead that successfully does business with me.
I did not have much success with it, also probably since I get busy with my day job, I couldn't get leads with this method.