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Mar 14, 2013
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Operation Offers

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OperationOffers have been helping helping to being publishers and advertisers closer since 2011. We have been in affiliate marketing for 5 years and bring knowledge and experience to the table to help promote a transparent open profit driven environment for anyone who works with us. Our goal is to develop a culture of honesty in this industry to help grow the affiliate marketing industry. Our proprietary fraud controls allow us to be a No reversal No Scrub network.

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Minimum Payment:

No Minimum

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Payout Frequency:

Net 30

Payment Method:

Check, ACH, Wire, PayPal, Payza

Referral Commission:

yes = 5%
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Question: Tell us a bit more about yourself...

Answer: Operation Offers is a CPA Netowrk whose goal is to help others acheive success. By helping others - we will naturally be successful as well.

Question: What types of tools and guidance do you offer your affiliates?

Answer: We provide hands on support to help publishers provide quality leads & increase conversion rates. This may be thru help with content, help with design, help with banner placement, help with SEO optimization etc. We are here for our publishers.

Question: What are some reasons publishers should jump on board with you?

Answer: We are a middle sized network with support staff that cares & you will not be lost in the shuffle. We will work with publishers to help get them profitable.

Question: Our industry is known for some overnight success stories, do you have any you can share with us?

Answer: Building sustainable profits is not achieved overnight. We are not in this for a short term profit, we are here for the long term.

Question: If you had to pick...who would you say was your mentor -or- where did you learn the ropes of CPA Marketing?

Answer: No one mentor in particular - just involvment in affiliate groups & forums & networking with other affiliate managers.

Question: What does it take to qualify as an affiliate for you?

Answer: Honesty!!!! Be honest & straighforward with us. We dont like publishers who are shady or try to hide things.

Question: What is the first commission you ever earned?

Answer: We have been in sales our entire lives. So the lemonade stand we started as a child??? Or the lawn mowing job we had as a teenager. Or the job selling insurance. In the CPA Industry, it would have to be back in 2007 with Copeac for about $2500

Question: What is the one thing you do better than anyone else?

Answer: We give a portion of our profit to charity & we have our advertisers welfare in mind above profits.

Question: What kind of support do you offer?

Answer: We are available for a large portion of the day by email, IM, & Phone. We help publishers with issues of Content, Design & SEO/SEM. We provide some support on technical issues - but do not get involved in coding issues.

Question: What are some of the best promotional methods you've found to work?

Answer: We have found Niche based Contextual Sites work best. Then user laser targeted SEO/SEM to get traffic to your site.

Question: When did you first open the doors?

Answer: September 2011

Question: If someone had just $300 to get started, what would recommend their first steps be?

Answer: Create a Contextual site on something you are knowledgeable about. Buy the site & create the site to be of value to the user. Add menetization to the site at no more than 10% & then promote the site. This will provide the best results. Repeat as desired & update content as needed

Question: What else would you like to tell the community?

Answer: Check out Operation Offers - you wont be disappointed!!!

Question: What sets your network apart from others?

Answer: No one mentor in particular - just involvment in affiliate groups & forums & networking with other affiliate managers.

Question: What do you recommend as a good starting budget for someone who's just starting out?

Answer: $1000 or more honestly. But some people have been able to get by on $100 - just depends on how much work you want to put into this & how much time you are willing to commit.