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Just wanted to share my story of how I got 5k/day traffic to a site that is 2 weeks old without doing shit. I was looking through deleted domains of 5 characters or less, hoping to come across a gem. I saw "" and since it was pronounceable, I figured what the hell. Then I asked a few friends to come up with the dumbest ideas possible for it. The dumbest one by far happened to be "Doids: Dogs Only In the Driver's Seat," a site with pictures of dogs driving. So I put up a wordpress blog and posted 1 picture of a dog driving and a submit a pic page. I got a few submissions, added them, and laughed at how ridiculous the site was. The other day I notice in my analytics it is getting over 1k hits a day... So I look at the refferal links, and I notice that, one of the biggest news sites in the UK, linked me in an article. Among guardian, a few other large blog sites linked to it. All the while, I had it setup so google couldnt even index it. I just allowed google's bot to crawl it today, so we'll see how the traffic picks up. I just thought it was funny. I have all these adult sites that I can hardly get 100 hits a day to, but doids ends up getting tons of traffic. Blah, I give up. I am drunk, sleep time.


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the burning question: how to monetize?

funny what it takes to find the real gold instead of all that pyrite everyone's flinging around.