Ouroboros becomes an internet juggernaut


Make Money Online
Look, another soon-to-be-abandoned money-making journal! Wheeee!!!


Hi, my name is Ouroboros and I'm an alcoholic. Uh, I mean, my name is Dr. Rockso the rock'n'roll clown and I do some serious cocaine. I used to be high on life and now I sell mobile phones at a kiosk in the mall. I used to smoke crack and now sell magazines door to door. I don't know nothing about no money laundering. Enjoy your subscriptions to Vibe.


Welcome to my online journal. I'm going to present my goals for the week, month, year and my ideas to get there. This is an attempt to keep myself organized and on track. I will be outlining my strategies and techniques for myself and for public critique and suggestion (hopefully).

I'm not going to detail much I've attempted previously. Let's just say I'm still a new guy who's done a PhD's worth of reading and put a few ideas into action making a few meager dollars. Now I've got that dollar-bill-green sheen in my eyes and a fire burning inside. I want more.

I work full-time and during the daylight hours I'm home with my 10-month old daughter. The amount of free time I have to put towards IM is precious and scarce. The few hours a day I get to put to work (if I'm lucky to have that much time) need to be productive and meaningful.

Before I get started: This is an open invitation for honest feedback. If you feel the desire to suggest something to me, PLEASE DO. If you have a tip I can put to good use, please tell me. If I'm doing something seriously wrong, I'm horribly mis-informed, or act overly obtuse or n00bish, please tell me. I have a thick hide, I can take your worst. I want it.



* Quit the 9-5
* No outstanding debt
* Purchase a house/property
* Have a college fund for my daughter
* Establish long-term residual income
* Buy beer


Tomorrow's post will outline what I want to accomplish by year's end and what I'll be doing this month.

I'll be touching on:
Starting LLCs
DSL and CL
More Beer

PS - I've lost interest in that *other* forum since I began spending more time here (yeah, that's right, go ahead and ban me now). The attitudes and community are unrivaled. My thanks to those responsible for all their hard work in keeping this place among the best of the best.


Make Money Online
I wanted to elaborate much further today, but I'm afraid time has forced me to be brief. I had french toast this morning.

The first thing I want to establish is a small amount of capital to invest in my long-term projects.

I'm going to do this a couple of ways:

::[ Rewrite 1 article daily for AC. This takes me about ten minutes while I drink coffee and eat delicious french toast. Even at minimum payout ($1.50), this nets me about $40-45 monthly I can use to cover hosting and the purchasing of a few domains as needed.

::[ Whoring Social Networks. I've been collecting a number of photo sets with nude/non-nude women's photos. Think I got some good ones. I'll set up a dozen or so profiles with the 'clean' pictures. I will reuse the same profile as much as I can across as many networks as I can. I have a friend who is freely creating and fleshing out these profiles for me. I asked for one per week minimum, so I should have one ready to go and test out in the next couple days. I'm sure many of you know what happens from here. I get drunk. Also, I'll friend-blast these profiles and use the nude photos as bribes for CPA offers or something related.

::[ A co-worker of mine has a dreamy DSL connection, and after some talk, we have worked out an agreement. He posts CL for me, I don't firebomb his house. He's a little unmotivated and isn't posting as often as I'd like to see. I'm going to write up a few more ads for him and see if I can't get 30-50 posts a week out of him. I know so much more can be done with DSL and CL, but it's his line, not mine. So far I've only been pumping an Acai offer from a CL friendly network and haven't seen any sales yet.

::[ Adsense, maybe. I'm still researching autoblogging. I found a thread here recently talking about setting up Blogger accounts with content published from mailing lists, and thought it was clever as a lever and perfect for someone like me with little time to find content. By month's end I'd like to see 2 blogs up for testing, configuration, optimization, etc. Estimating only $0.50 daily from these to start, this should start another $30+ monthly.


I know this all sounds pretty small-time, which it is. But I have bigger plans and bigger fish to fry. My larger scheme will require some start-up funds, and these smaller projects ought to be just the thing to get the ball rolling.

I did my article for today, and sent an ad over to my lazy, good-for-nothing CL poster.

I'm nearly finished on the configuring of a home-mail server run off Ubuntu and postfix. That along with hostgator gives me a mailing capacity of 12k daily. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with this yet, but I know I can utilize this as well.

This is all for now.


Make Money Online
This has become my IM motto. I get such little time to work each day I feel like I could have so much more done if I could just sit down to work for longer than I'm available. I'm dedicated to making this work, however slowly I am progressing. At very least, I do feel like I am learning something new every day, which to me, is just as valuable as making a few dollars that day.

-::[ UPDATES ]::-

::[ The CL posting is likely not going to work out. It doesn't matter how many ads I write if I can't get my partner to post them. I know there's still a lot of money in CL, so I might just have to attack that properly when I can afford proxies and PVA's on my own. That lazy scallywag.

::[ Finally got to check an item off the "To-Do" list I've wanted for a while now: submitting the registration for an LLC. Following the finalization of paperwork and etcetera, I own my own company. The fee for this process is very high here in Washington state ($200), but it could be worse. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. At least, that's what I hear. I'd been putting off the application to CPA companies until this was complete so I could use them under my business name. Once that is complete, I'll break out RoboForm and apply to all CPA's under the sun. That is, once I . . .

::[ . . . publish a corporate page. I have a half-finished template I'll have to get to work on again. I've got a little time before I really need it, but I'd like to have it live ASAP.

::[ Got started on some cpal3ad gateway pages. I was going to use Weebly to get them up fast and easy, but can't seem to figure out how exactly to get the widget in the code properly. Anyone know how this could be done? I'll use Blogger until a few more days pass and my hostgator account is active again. Then, I'll host myself with WP and a suite of bitchin' plug-ins. I'll be thinking these as sort-of auto-blog practice too.

::[ 4 videos downloaded and modified into 12 videos, all to be uploaded at tubemogul. Got a few bucks into mturk and am having fresh gmail, metacafe, and other accounts made for me on the cheap. Real cheap!

::[ My other partner, who is not a lazy drag-ass, is helping me create FB pages for whoring. Three are going to made to start. One is fleshed out completely, and she did an excellent job of filling out and making it look mighty legit. I found a photo set of three girls hanging out together as well as them taking nude/semi-nude photos of themselves individually and together. I think these will be perfect for adding a layer of realism to these three accounts.

Time to make some coffee.