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Jan 3, 2019
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Hello everyone. Now I will tell you about a very cool project that pays CASH .

MIRACLETELE is currently a very promising project. The world's first full-featured telecommunications system with a blockchain, where users use the services of mobile communication and data transmission throughout the world. For registration and execution of all tasks: subscribe to a telegram, facebook, twitter, you will receive 100TELE. Now he is in the 2nd phase, the price of one token is € 0.15, BUT already on April 15 the price will be € 0.20, which means 100 TELE is not € 15, but € 20.

Proof of withdrawal from the project

What's the catch?

Briefly, what is the essence of freebies? You perform a very simple Airdrop, for which you are credited with a total of 100 TELE tokens, you freeze them on the site (throw in hold) and receive a passive income of € 2 per month to the balance of the site for storing these coins. + For each guest referral, you are charged 10 TELE = € 1.5


Sign up: ref link

2. Further, the code will come to the mail for confirmation:

3. After confirmation, your account password will be sent to the mail.

Press LOGIN, enter EMAIL and Password.

4. After logging in we need to connect to the "telegram bot":

Click in the telegram - / start. After we enter - / link and follow the link that BOT gave us, copy the CODE and send it to the bot for confirmation.

5. Next, follow the link on the site where it says "airdrop campaign":

Tasks for Airdrop:

To perform all the tasks you need Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

We have almost completed the first task, it remains to connect to the second telegram channel and we will be credited with our first 25 tokens. Click GET 25 TELE opposite the inscription Join our tekegram group. After entering the telegram group, the bot welcomes us and sends you an example: (2 + 4)

We have 60 seconds for everything, send the answer to the group (in this example we just write "6") and in a few minutes 25 TELEs appear on our account.

6. Next Tasks with Twitter and Facebook. You need to put a “Like” mark on facebook and post a repost on their ICO company on your page. Subscribe to the Twitter page and post an entry on our ICO. Click GET 20 TELE and send links to our posts, waiting for a reward.

7. The task “Stack your TELE tokens” is very simple, click GET 25 TELE opposite the task and enter the number of tokens that we want to freeze. I remind you that TELE 100 is € 2 per month!

For "STACK" euro charge every 2 weeks

After all the tasks on your balance will be 100 TELE, you need to freeze them in the «STACK», to receive a monthly income.

Every 2 weeks passive income in EURO will be charged to your balance.

You can withdraw your EURO in any way convenient for you from the proposed:

How to get more:

For each active friend, you will receive 10 TELE tokens; a friend must complete one any task with enrollment. I advise telegram because Tokens come immediately. By inviting 10 friends, you will receive 100 TELE and you will receive not € 2 per month, but as many as € 4. You can get your referral link on the website in the PROMOTION - LINKS section.

If you have iq more than 12 then you can go 500 euro passive.


100 TELE = € 2 | 200 TELE = € 4 | 400 TELE = € 8, etc.

1 person = 10 TELE | 100 people = 1000 TELE, etc.

Do not forget to freeze your TELE tokens in "STACK" to receive a monthly income! Successes and good earnings!