Planning to have any suitable insurance policies


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Nov 1, 2018
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My wife and I had a long conversation last night! She is very serious about getting insurance for me, but I have personally never considered it important, to be honest. She is anxious for her friend at work. Her colleague's husband had a bad back injury while working in a construction field. They are struggling with the loss of pay and additional cost of medicine and the treatment expenses. She made me a bit scared too, I mean, a loss of income is something that will derail over financial stability and future plans. She is pushing me like nothing, I finally agreed to learn more about the same. I was looking at the various plans offered by the different insurance companies with regards to income protection and I finally had enough. I am planning to consult an insurance brokerage service provider in Oshawa and compare the various options. I will take my wife along with me, after all, it is her idea, but to be on the safe side, I think it is important that I understand what they are talking about. So, with an intention to impress my wife in a big way I have researched about the various possible insurance coverage policies available. But before going ahead of the meeting, I need to know about more insurance plans which I can try and I also want to know more about the best companies in the market, because, for me, quality of service is very important.
Many thanks!